How long will a 8lb pork roast take to cook at 350 and could anyone give me ideas on a wine sauce?

Did I over do it ? how long should it take for 8 lb pork roast at 325 ?

I have a 8lb pork roast that i put in oven a hour ago,i used 1 teaspoon of salt thyme mix,plenty of diced garlic and rubbed with rosemary.i rubbed all on roast with sm bit of olive oil .its cooking in covered roasting pan at 325. i kinda guessed at this recipe :) im hoping it will be done in 6 hours or less.please tell me i didnt make a big mess lol and does anyone have any ideas on a wine sauce?also i have carrots,turnups and potatos to add.

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    be sure to seer the pork roast first, I do mine by placing it in a 500 degree oven for the first 15-20 mins, then back down the heat to 325. 1/2 way through add enough wine to cover by 1/2 and add the veggies finish to 165 degrees. remove from the pan let stand 10 mins before carving

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    Cook it for 4 hours at 350 and add the veggies an hour before. Merry Christmas!

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