Is there a link between religious belief and abortion stance?

It is a common belief that religious people are more apt to be pro life and that a non religious person is more apt to be pro choice. Most churches speak out against abortion. And I think that most atheists do not see an embryo nor a fetus as being a life nor as possessing a soul. I want to see if this is so. Granted an avid Bible thumping churchgoer could be pro choice and an atheist might be pro life; but I want to take a poll to see if religious belief affects one's abortion viewpoint, if it does.

So kindly state your religious belief, and whether you are pro life or pro choice.

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    I'm agnostic I suppose. (I don't really have any religion nor do I care to label myself with one to be honest.)

    I'm pro-choice.

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    1 decade ago

    I think most reasonable people would say that a 9-month fetus, ready to be born, viable outside the mother's body is a human being with all the rights and privileges appertaining thereto. But the same reasonable people would say that a single-celled fertilized egg, invisible to the naked eye, with no organs, no brain, no consciousness, no personality, is NOT a person. The question is, and has always been: Where between these two extremes does life begin?

    Before 1980 the huge majority of the pro-life movement was Roman Catholic. Protestants didn't care that much about abortion, it just wasn't that big of an issue to them. There was some uncertainty among Protestant Christians as to just when life begins. Roman Catholics believed it began at fertilization but remember Catholics are also against birth control.

    The idea that life begins at conception came about for Protestants in 1980, and this was part of the Reagan presidential campaign. Life beginning when the sperm hits the egg, this is not a technical 'fact', it is not in the Bible, it is an arbitrary and artificial decision. It is a -political- decision, not a religious one.

    This decision drove a stake in the ground for Fundamentalist Christians to rally around. When they began hearing this it became almost immediately a part of the religion.

    The Republican Party, starting with Nixon and going on to Reagan, corrupted certain powerful spiritual leaders and got them to teach their flocks that it was their Christian duty to vote for one party over the other. The abortion issue was the keystone of this strategy to get Christians to vote Republican in 1980, and since.

    We know today that at least half of all fertilized eggs never implant on the uterine wall and develop. Can you believe that God aborts more than half of all new 'human beings'? But because the idea of life beginning at fertilization is a -religious- idea, it is never questioned by good Christians.

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    Yes, but i don't think it's the only link.

    I am pro life, I think life happens the instant the egg is fertilized. I am pro choice for the baby choosing if he/she gets to live or not.

    If a mother doesn't want a baby then she should put it up for adoption, there's many people out there who would love to have a baby but can't. Sure the pregnancy is hard, but the woman shouldn't have been so careless if she didn't want to get pregnant.

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    From Wikepedia In 2007, Danish newspapers stated that a learn carried out by skill of debatable intelligence researcher Helmuth Nyborg envisioned that atheists' IQs have been on usual almost 6 factors larger than believers'. besides there are a number of learn that coach religious perception and academic success are inversely correct - and a few that coach it any incorrect way - yet is academic attainment a evidence of intelligence?

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    I am a Christ follower who is pro-life. I do not understand how Christians can be pro-choice, because the Bible talks clearly about life.

    But if it helps I was pro-life before becoming a Christian. I always valued life for both the born and preborn.

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    1 decade ago

    i believe in church and i believe in the bible. but im also against suffering. i don't agree with abortion, there's still the adoption option when you're pregnant. however, instead of bringing a child into this earth that you know you'renot going to take care of, don't have that child at all. if you're very religious and you are walking with God, it will be easier, but you will also have to help yourself. But, if you know, ou'renot ready, you have noone, and you're not willing to go to Church where you will get help. dont do that to the child.

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    I know what you mean. People normally think upon religion as being their opinion on things. I myself am a christian...but I do believe that people should have the choice of abortion. I don't let my churches views directly affect mine.

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    I've never understood the God-botherers' stance on abortion because their God got so upset with his kids he drowned the lot of 'em. And if he is omnipotent and knows the book of life for each and everyone of us then surely it is His will when a foetus gets aborted anyway, isn't it?

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    Yes, there are atheists who are pro-life and religious individuals that are pro-choice.

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    There's a non-profit organization of pro-life atheists. You might check to see if they have compiled the stats you wanted.

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    im a somewhat active religious person (christian) i don't believe in abortion what so ever unless its a rape case however this has nothing to do with my religious beliefs, you lay down open your legs and get pregnant YOUR FAULT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! no matter if the guy left you have no money whatever you made the choose,when it comes to rape though i understand that crossing a womens mind BUT everything happens for a reason.there's a family who would love the baby and who cant have babies you make mistakes you take care of you business not kill it.

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