chemistry: colours of ions

What are the colours of different ions?

e.g. Cu2+ is bluish green

Both anions and cations, please!


Jessie, thanks for answering. But Na and K etc burns with a coloured flame. is it that transition metals' ions have their own colour without burning?

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    Here are several e.g.

    Fe3+ green

    Fe2+ brown/yellow

    Mn2+ pale pink

    Ni2+ green

    Cr3+ green

    Co2+ pink

    Mn2O32- purple

    Cr2072- orange

    CrO42- yellow

    If you are a secondary school student, it is already too much to memorize.

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    maybe u can read this 2:

    Co2+ pink

    CrO42- yellow

    2008-12-28 16:09:51 補充:

    Na+, K+, Cu2+, Ca2+ are four very special metal, 4 of which will burns with a coloured flame. (Only this 4)

    The information above is the colour shown when the ions dissolve in water.

    Source(s): Noted: 只有過渡元素的 ions 才有可能有色
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