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Tell your partner a piece of good news and a piece of bad news that

has happened to you recently. Your partner reacts to your news and ask for many details as you can. Then reverse roles.

對話長度 大概30句

麻煩幫忙想一下 謝謝

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    A: Yo, how's going lately?

    B: Great, thanks for asking.

    A: I have a good news and a bad news about my education.

    B: Oh really, may you tell me about it? Good news first would be


    A: My counselor told me that I was accepted to the UCLA!

    B: Are you serious? That is definitely a great news!

    A: I was shock because of my grade. It is not too good.

    B: Oh well, maybe you are outstanding outside of school. You get acc

    epted for a reason, right?

    A: I guess so; on the other hand, the bad news makes it depressing.

    B: Why? what is up?

    A: I didn't get acepted for scholarship which means I'll have to cover

    a large amount of money just to register in UCLA.

    B: Have you asked your parents?

    A: My parents aren't able to pay it up either.

    B: Aww, I am sorry. Well, maybe you can find a job during the


    A;That's what I was thinking. Do you think it is a good idea to work

    in a dental office?

    B: Any job is good as long as you get paid well.

    A: I guess you are right. Anyway I got to go, thanks for talking with


    B: Anytime bro, see you!

    大綱: 學生A打招呼後 告訴學生B一個好消息: 他考進UCLA

    學生B很替他高興 然而學生A卻說壞消息是他沒得到獎學金

    他父母也不會替他付學費 學生B告訴他去找個工作 暑假賺錢

    學生A則開始詢問在牙醫院上班好不好 學生B告訴學生A 只要

    薪水不錯 甚麼工作都不錯 學生A道別後 兩人分散

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    A: you know what!? i went to a party last night

    B: really ? with who ? why am i not invited ?

    A: i don't know, maybe they don't know you that well. but it was so mush fun. we partied all night.

    B: i should have known them better, so i can go to the party too

    A: it's okay, you will be invited next time. Or i will invite you

    B: thanks, but you haven't plan anything yet. Okay back to the party, what was happening??

    A: We had so much fun. We chat and dance with friends, we also watched a movie, but i forgot the name of it.

    B: but is that movie interesting ??

    A: not really, there was only 3 people were watching it. cause it was a boring movie

    B: Okay, fine, but what happened after the movie?? did you guys left after the movie??

    A: no, um...some of them did, but not me. I stay till 11.

    B: TILL 11?? What did you do after the movie??

    A: nothing, but there were some weird guys came to ruin our party

    B: weird guys?? were they invited ??

    A: NO!! that's why they were weird. they just came it and started to ruin the party.

    B: what else did they do??

    A: they smoked and drinked

    B:Oh My God, why do people smoke??

    A: i don't know, maybe they like it

    B: what else did they do ??

    A: they claimbed up to the stage and do stupid stuffs

    B: that's okay

    A: oh yea.... they got kicked out the host couldn't handle them anymore.

    B: WOW, did they come back ??

    A: no, i think they were just scared, cuz the host shouted at them

    B: is the host a boy or girl

    A: a girl

    B: she must be very angry at them, cuz girls have good temper

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