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clerk 職員

empliyee 員工



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    廣義言之:clerk = employee 都是被僱佣的人。

    狹義言之:詳如下述 (僅述 名詞 之用法,請參閱附件網頁)

    clerk:較屬於辦公室、商業行號之員工 。(拿月薪)

    1. a person employed, as in an office, to keep records, file, type, or perform other general office tasks.

    2. a salesclerk.

    3. a person who keeps the records and performs the routine business

    of a court, legislature, board, etc.

    4. a member of the clergy; ecclesiastic.

    5. a lay person charged with various minor ecclesiastical duties.

    6. Archaic. a. a person who is able to read, or to read and write.

    b. a scholar.


    employee : 較屬於勞力工作 = worker工人。(拿工資)

    Part of Speech: noun

    Definition: One who is employed by another. 某人被另一人僱用

    Synonyms: hireling, jobholder, worker

    兩者大不同點在於受薪方式很不同。an employee 要是不出工,那天是無工資賺的。這樣解釋或許簡易點。

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    1. clerk:

    1-1 A person who works in an office, bank or law court. 職員、記帳員

    如:He got a job as an accounts clerk. 他得到一份記帳員的工作。

    1-2 someone who works in a store:店員

    2. employee: A person who is paid to work for an organization or for another person. 為組織或他人工作,且有領薪水。員工

    如:He is an employee of AA Bank. 他是AA銀行的員工



    Source(s): collins
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    Employee 是泛指所有各行各業 "員工"的統稱

    Clerk: 一般指書記類的員工....Yahoo奇摩字典翻譯是 辦事員,職員;書記;記帳員, 【美】店員,銷售員


    clerk還可以當動詞: 【美】當銷售員(或職員等)

    以我念書的經驗...寫文章或報告 employee 比較實用跟常用.....一般

    clerk 很少在用!!

    Source(s): 自己&yahoo奇摩字典
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