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Does Mexico have socialized medicine?

From my understanding, Mexico has socialized medicine. Does this mean that there is no cost? If so, as an American, if I travel to Mexico and fall ill, will I be treated? And how well?

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    Mexico does not have "socialized" medicine. It does have several different kinds of low priced govt sponsored insurance plans that people may buy. For about $200usd a year a family of 4 can be insured and receive all hospital care at no cost A retired person pays abut $300 a year for insurance, then everything is at no cost, but you often have to wait a long time to see a specialist. Most people just go see a private doctor for illnesses that are not a big deal. An office visit with a family doctor is about $ 20 to $30usd. but there are many that are less. Most poor families cannot even afford the modest ins, program fees. There are hospitals which serve them and charge very little .These hospitals are often teaching hospitals and give excellent care. There is no such thing as sending a hospital bil to someone. If you go to a govt hospital and cannot pay, the bill is forgiven. there are also many private hospitals for people who can afford them. Costs there are less than 1/10 the costs in the U.S. People who work for the city or state or are school teachers receive govt health ins free. Visitors and tourists who need medical help in mexico would be expected to pay in full..they are not Mexican citizens, and if they have enough money to go on vacation to Mexico, they have enough to pay for their own medical care. I am a retired American in Mexico and since I have the proper visa I am allowed to buy the govt insurance, which would cover me if i need to be in the hospital. I do volunteer teaching here with poor children Several of them have had serious illnesses or accidents and needed to be in the govt hospital here and received excellent care. One boy had a ruptured appendix, had surgery and was in the hospital 9 days. The bill was $900.00 but was cut in half because the family was very poor. They were allowed to pay a little bit when they took their son home and were trusted to pay the rest later as able. American friends raised the money to pay it, but if the family had not been able to pay it , the hospital would have forgiven it...I have seen them do that. There are also some chritable organizations that help people that need very specialized care not available in the govt hospitals.

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    the Mexican gov. has been subsidizing the medical treatment and medicines for it's people since the 1940's there system is kind of a three prong approach ,gov. funds, ,ones ability to pay, and medical ins. provided by an employer or paid for by the individual all combined to make for a fairly decent system,not really socialized but not privatized either,,

    state hospitals and gov. clinics provide services to the poor in many cases for free..

    as stated above those who can pay are expected to do so according to their ability

    there is also a large network of private hospitals for those who can afford them, they are not as strongly if at all subsidized by the gov.

    health ins, is available and is mostly very reasonable. unlike here in the USA.

    if you do fall ill while in Mexico and go to a hospital you will receive the best care they have to offer, this varies from city to city and especially in small towns that are "off the beaten path"

    there are companies that sell foreigners medical insurance but be careful and do your homework before buying.

    i spend a bit of time each year in Mexico fortunately i have never been seriously ill ,though i have been to the clinic to have the doctor write me a "receta" for my blood pressure medicine , i travel off the beaten path and was happy with the time the doctor spent with me and that i had no trouble getting the same medications at the farmacia there as i get here,

    the doctors visit was 10 dollars and this after the doctor spent a good half hour with me answering all my questions and making sure there was nothing else he could do, and my prescriptions were about the same price as i pay in the USA, if i had not been able to pay for my medications or could prove that i could not afford the full price i would have paid less,or received them free. it was a strange thing for me to enter a doctors office and the first question i was asked is how can we help you, not "let me see your ins. card" payment was not even asked for or discussed until after i had received their services ...blew me away.....

    but kind of hard to cry poor when your on vacation for 4 months so i was more than happy to spend the 10 bucks and full price for my scripts..

    all in all i found the doctors and nurses to be highly professional and very very concerned with my well being.

    hope this helps

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    Socialized medicine in Mexico is the local 'Centro de Salud' and it's free for everyone. However, for anything serious they will refer you somewhere else. They are good for most kids problems, diarrhea, colds, flu, dengue (from mosquitos), etc.

    IMSS is almost free at $300-400 a year but requires you live here

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    Medicine In Mexico

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    Let me get this: Mexico and Cuba have this? So why are those people all flooding into the US? Shouldn't we be swimming to Cuba and reaping the benefits of Communist Medicine? Confused....

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    Not sure if that's correct

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    It depends..

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