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How can I find out which global warming skeptic groups are being funded by the oil companies?

I always see people on the internet saying that global groups are just being funded by oil companies but I cannot seem to find any proof of that.

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    Here's a report outlining Exxon's funding of a few dozen organizations, many of which are quoted frequently here by skeptics:

    ExxonMobil’s Continued Funding of Global Warming Denial Industry

    There a LOT more detail if your browse around The information comes from Exxon's required financial disclosures and from the nonprofit organizations' balance sheets. If it were not factual, ExxonSecrets could be sued.



    Acton Institute $315,000

    American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research $1,619,523

    American Enterprise Institute $1,860,000

    American Legislative Exchange Council $1,126,200

    American Spectator Foundation $25,000

    Annapolis Center $841,000

    Aspen Institute $71,500

    Atlas Economic Research Foundation $925,000

    Capital Research Center (Greenwatch) $215,000

    Cato Institute $125,000

    Center for American and International Law (formerly the Southwestern Legal Fndn) $224,550

    Center for the Study of CO2 & Global Change $100,000

    CFACT Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow $567,000

    Chemical Education Foundation $130,000

    Congress of Racial Equality $260,000

    Federalist Society $105,000

    FREE Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment $240,000

    Frontiers of Freedom $1,182,000

    George C. Marshall Institute $745,000

    George Mason Univ. Law and Economics Center $215,000

    Heartland Institute $830,000

    Heritage Foundation $565,000

    Independent Women's Forum $15,000

    Institute for Energy Research $242,000

    International Policy Network - North America $390,000

    Landmark Legal Foundation $50,000

    Lindenwood University, St. Charles, Missouri $20,000

    Manhattan Institute $325,000

    Media Research Center $202,500

    Mercatus Center, George Mason University $120,000

    National Association of Neighborhoods $125,000

    National Black Chamber of Commerce $225,000

    National Center for Policy Analysis $545,900

    National Center for Public Policy Research $335,000

    National Legal Center for the Public Interest $216,500

    Pacific Legal Foundation $120,000

    Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy $430,000

    Property and Environment Research Center (formerly Political Economy Research Center) $55,000

    Texas Public Policy Foundation $30,000

    The Communications Institute $200,000

    Washington Legal Foundation $215,000

    TOTAL $16,148,673

    Source(s): Source: Exxon IRS Form 990s and annual World Giving Reports 1998-2006
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    Lets see now who made the oil companies so huge.

    any ideas on that now let me see who was that.

    OH now I remember YOU DID with all of the gallons of gas you put in your car. Never mind that the oil companies only make about 6% on their money, while you sit their and run up a charge card at 24% interest and what did Visa or master card do to earn their money, OH yes the put you in to debt big time and then they ask the government for some more of your money to bail them out. One thing I have learned in all of my years of life is that our country has some really stupid people in it. Someone said it on TV or the internet so that makes it so. I would like to see what would happen to the world if all of the Bad oil companies just shut down and said no more. What do you think would happen then?

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    I hope James E doesn't rely on worldnet daily for all his information on climate change but rather goes to Science, Nature, Conservation Biology, The Royal Linnaeun Society and the know, the peer reviewed journals with articles written by climatologists, not just anyone calling themselves a scientist and certainly not hack journalists. Mate, you wouldn't go to a podiatrist for a heart complaint.

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    Well after years of hearing the claim and checking each one out and finding no oil money involved I have finally found one organization involved with the AGW controversy that is funded by an oil company.

    Maybe that is why another long time suspicion of mine seems to be getting a lot more support from the mainstream science professionals.

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    You need to focus on who is funding Global warming

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    And I can't seem to find any proof that global warming is real. But, I'm not asking for someone to help me find it, I'd rather do it alone.

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    WELL MY GROUP IS RECEIVING ABSOLUTELY NO FUNDING AT ALL, and we are quite skeptical of global warming.....

    Maybe it is all of these icicles hanging from my balls......and I live in south Texas


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    Rots of ruck with that.

    If anything they fund the other ones to shut them up.

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    I"D LOVE TO BE PAID BY OIL COMPANIES! my accountant would be happy for once!

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