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Can airplanes take off/fly during storms?

Flying for the first time on Saturday morning, and the local forecast is saying there will be showers and some thunderstorms Friday p.m. into Saturday a.m. Do not want delays because of importance of me being at my destination on time, so to round up the question, do airplanes take off for flight during rain showers & thunderstorms?

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    Yes, airplanes can takeoff, land, and fly in thunderstorms. It's really dangerous though. Which is why air traffic controllers will always take a plane off away from the thunderstorm if that is an option.

    Each airline and aircraft has certain minimum conditions that they can fly in. For instance, one airplane may be able to land in the weather when the visibility is really low, and there are times when another plane will not be able to do so.

    Be prepared to have a flight delay because of the weather. This winter has been really bad with weather delays around the country. Have a safe trip and enjoy your first flight!

    Source(s): I work for a major airline.
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    most likely to. unless there is thunderstorm (which means wind,gusts,wind shear, icing) activity over the airport, your flight will not be significantly delayed because of weather modern airliners can handle 18 MPH crosswinds without a problem. you probably will depart a little late, especially during rush hour, but its will be more due to ground congestion, aircraft maintenance and loading personnel getting slowed down by the rain. Planes have no problem flying into rain storms. A NTSB test proved that jet engines can intake hurricane amounts of rain and still run, besides, at cruising altitude, the cloud cover and rain would be under you.

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    Yes they do take off and land in storms. I have taken off many times in bad weather conditions and you experience more turbulence but that's about it. Though if it is a bad storm like an ice storm or lightning then your flight will most likely be delayed.

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    they will fly in most rain storms but if the winds are strong, they may delay take off. once airborne, they can fly over the clouds or around the storm

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    ok in february there was a thunder/lighning storm in charlotte north carolina and it was where my flight connected. they didn't delay the flight or anything due to the weather. if it' a snow storm or what not then yeah they will delay the flight.

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    If you are going anyplace in the US north of Las Vegas or Atlanta, your chance of a delay this week is very high.

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