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What's the best thing to do: remodel the kitchen or build a carport?

I have to choose between remodelling my kitchen which looks awfully plain and small. The idea is to extend the kitchen to the dining area by adding cabinets and an island (also to be used as an eating table), and a build in washer and dryer. My kitchen is mostly open space and flows directly into the living room.

Or to choose building a carport / porch which will be accesible through the kitchen back door. Currently the back porch is just a 5m. by 1m. floor, and uncovered, so when it rains everything out there gets wet. No space to store anything, washer and dryer is out there under the open sky. The carport will need a floor too. I thought about putting bricks.

Any ideas, you design gurus out there?


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    I have to say in today's market, your kitchen will bring you the biggest return. It also sounds like you need to get your washer and dryer from out of the outside elements. When you bring your washer and dryer in, make sure you build a closet for them, while they are in the kitchen, you'll have a way to close them off, with some folding doors. Even if all you do is pour a concrete pad outside, it will really make a difference outside, you can turn it into a outside patio until you have the money to close it in and make it a garage. Do what you need to do in stages, that way you wont be over whelmed and in the poor house. Hope this helps.

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    Without a doubt do the kitchen. You're going to put the washer and dryer in there anyway, right? Nothing will add to the value of your home like a kitchen remodel. As for storage, maybe you could get rid of some of the stuff accruing on the would be carport area. Focus on the kitchen - it truly is the heart of the home, and there are so many good remodel ideas out there from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

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    A kitchen adds immense value to a home. A carport adds nothing. A garage would be the better choice. The kitchen is your money maker. Moving the washer and dryer inside the new space although not great in a kitchen unless it is hidden is even better. This is an obvious choice. Go for the kitchen.

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    ahhhhhhhhh everyone's dream of remodeling a kitchen.lets talk cost.

    you talk of installing a build in washer and dryer what about installing plumbing for the hot and cold water to it and the electrical 110 or 220 for your dryer or is it gas.

    your carport good investment save your washer and dryer from the weather before its to already have all the hook ups you need outside for them.l would not recommend brick floor.ants love to dig holes under them causing your floor to buckle causing an accident.

    concrete floor instead will last you for ever.a carport

    you will keep the mud and dirt from going into your clean kitchen.

    then later you can start your kitchen by adding all the hookups you need for your washer and dryer no more cold days when you do the washing.your carport you can always enclose it with half wall and the rest screen it later to keep the cold out. good luck

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    Depends on what's more important to you, your car or cooking. Are you in a cold climate where a car port would really benefit you? You're going to get a lot more use out of the interior. If you're going to resell, the kitchen is the best choice for recooping your expenses and appealing to potential buyers.

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  • 4 years ago

    If the remodel is like over $500 then usally you need a permit... You can call the city dept of zoning to be sure!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Right now it's winter and so you should do the kitchen and do the carport in the spring.

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