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Full Tilt Poker....REALLY!?!?

First of all I really like Full Tilt Poker's website. I think it is by far the best appealing and well kept and easiest to both understand and use. So if anybody is going to tell me simply to chose another site, or just don't play online, please do not answer. Anyway, here is my question. IS THIS SITE FOR REAL!?!?! I have been using this site for about 6 months now, and have won a pretty decent amount of times, but I mean come on! If you play on this site for an hour you will see things that you probably would see only one time a month playing poker in person or anywhere else. I mean, every hand goes back and forth between leaders when it is all in. It has seemed to me that it is almost BETTER to have a weaker hand going all-in on this site. I just do not see how they can say it is completely random and not controlled. Does anybody know for SURE whether this site is bogus or really is legit? Either way I will probably continue to play there, but sometimes it just gets VERY, VERY annoying how every hand is a shocker. Anyone?

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    Full Tilt and Poker Stars are the largest and most respected sites in the world. Full Tilt probably has more top professional players than any other site.

    I've seen no evidence that there is anything untoward going on on these sites. They have independent analysis of the random number generators. And they make a business out of trust. Deliberately creating unlikely scenarios would only break that trust, and put people off playing.

    This year during the WSOP main event, someone got quad aces beaten by a royal flush. Weird stuff happens in poker, whether you play online or in real life. But online the hands hit you at maybe five times the speed they do in real life, so you get to experience a lot more of the weird outcomes that poker can bring.

    But my logic for why I don't believe Full Tilt or other major sites are rigged is human nature. It would take several programmers to create that kind of programming. With such large amounts of money involved, I just don't see no one getting disgruntled and going to the media with evidence. A conspiracy of this kind would involve several people keeping their mouths shut. People tend not to do this. They get mad, they try to blackmail, they feel a moral duty etc. Since no programmer has ever come forward with credible evidence to support this conspiracy, despite billions of hands being dealt over many years, it just seems unlikely to me.

    Pretty much any scandal that you've ever heard of with online poker involves some individual trying to make a personal gain. It makes no sense for poker sites to discredit themselves just to get games over more quickly. Simply running a good honest game will make them a fortune.

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    Hhmmmmmmmmm.. I already answered this....

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    bad beats happen no matter what.

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