What do Messianic Jews believe regarding what happens to the unsaved after death ?

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    Un saved meaning not accepting Yeshua/Jesus as Messiah and thus Lord and Savior is the same for any and all. According to the Bible they are condemned to hell. It breaks the heart of every true Believer. Just as it makes the Lord weep. ~BUT~ we all have free will and must decide for ourselves.


    Messianic Jew and proud of being so!

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    answer: i've got starred for my Jewish contacts. As I comprehend it (and that i might desire to be incorrect) - Messianic Jews have faith that Jesus is the messiah and that he substitute into divine. it is in contradiction to the Jewish faith. That makes them Christians. Jesus did no longer fulfill the prophecies. He substitute into supposedly of divine beginning - the messiah is merely no longer. G-d won't be able to alter into human. Jesus is geared up as a human sacrifice, taking on the sins of easily everyone - it is against Jewish teachings. The Messiah would be human and fulfill each and every of the prophecies in one life time - no 2nd coming. there is not any unique sin to be saved from. No risk of hell. See how Christianity is incompatible with Judaism? you won't be in a position to be Christian and Jewish on the same time. and there is not any Jewish bible. it is a Christian term. there is the Tanakh, no longer the previous testomony and no New testomony in Judaism. # # # If somebody would not have faith Jesus substitute into divine, then he substitute into merely a prophet and not the messiah. He did no longer fulfill the prophecies. Christians justify worshipping him because of the fact they declare he will return and fulfill those he did no longer. If he substitute right into a prophet, he won't be decrease back. which skill he could no longer be the messiah - divine or no longer. He did no longer fulfill the prophecies. If somebody believes Jesus substitute right into a prophet merely, they had extra probably be a Muslim. Jews don't think he substitute right into a prophet the two. in the event that they think of of him in any respect it is in many situations as a instructor. # # # Then I actually have a question: does your Jewish bible have the hot testomony?

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    Your question is highly offensive to us Jews.

    "Messianic Jews" are not Jews! They a bizarre Christian cult who refuse to acknowledge that they are Christians and instead insist they are Jews! Instead of following the tenants of Judaism, they (1) worship Jesus, (2) believe in virgin birth, (3) believe that sins are atoned by human sacrifice, (4) believe in the divinity of Jesus, (5) believe that Jesus was the son of God, (6) read, study, and follow the New Testament, etc., etc., etc--all these things and much more that they do and believe in are Christian and none of these things are Jewish. Therefore, calling themselves "Jews" as they do is nothing but FRAUDULENT, DECEPTIVE, and DESPICABLE.

    No Jew on earth accepts them as being any part of our religion in any way. They should be denounced by everyone who stands up for righteousness and honor and truthfulness--not of course because they believe in Jesus but because they make a mockery of Judaism by stealing our name and misrepresenting our religion in their misguided passion to convert Jews into Christians.

    What better way, they reason, than to make it seem as if you can accept Jesus and still remain Jewish. This is simply preposterous. Can one deny Jesus, say he never even existed, and still be accepted as a Christian by other Christians? Of course not, and the same reasoning applies to these so-called "messianic Jews"--one can not believe in Jesus and be accepted as Jewish by any other Jew. It is not that most of these "messianic Jews" were former Jews who abandoned their former religion--99% were never Jewish to begin with. Instead they are Christians who felt the need to take up a "Jewish" lifestyle without letting go of their Christian beliefs. They, including their fraudulent "rabbis" along with the very few who really used to be Jews, are living a lie.

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    • ELLIE5 years agoReport

      and we are not Gentiles...my mother Jewish by birth!

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    97-99% of Messianic "Jews" are Gentiles. Born Gentiles. Never converted to Judaism. When they say they are Jews, they are lying. They lie because if their fellow congregants think they are really Jews, they get a lot of special status in their communities.

    They are Gentiles by birth, they are Fundamentalist Christians by religion.

    Therefore they believe what most Fundamentalist Christians believe about what happens to the unsaved after death. They go to hell.

    EDIT: Barrell Bottom, you would have a point IF the Messianic "Jews" were actually Jews. They are not. They are Gentile by birth, did not convert to Judaism, and are fundamentalist Christian by religion.

    People REALLY need to understand this and stop allowing themselves to be lied to by these fakes.

    • ELLIE5 years agoReport

      by birth my mother's line is Jewish!!! we accepted Yeshua as our Messiah! we are not fakes...maybe there are some who don't get it...but we are Jews by birthright

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  • 1 decade ago

    It seems we've gotten quite a few responses from jewish people who find it acceptable to lump "messianic jews" in with Christians. Just as you speak of this group hijacking the jewish name, they too are hijacking the Christian religion. As a Christian, and as a person who uses common sense, it makes no sense to think that simply because someone calls themselves jewish it makes them jewish. This is nonsense. Likewise, to selectively borrow from the jewish faith and pick and choose what to follow in the Christian faith, and then to claim to be a hybrid of the two is nonsense. These groups are neither jewish nor Christian. Borrowing Jesus name does not make one a Christian any more than calling one's self jewish makes them a jew.

    One of the most glareing bits of absurdity, it seems to me, is that these groups are alleging their religious connection to judaism, but they are also adopting jewish cultural identity. Even if they had a valid claim to religious judaism, which they don't, they would most definitely not have a connection to jewish culture. They are almost exclusively gentiles. It's a sad case of playing make-believe.

    This is a new religion. Not jewish, not Christian.

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    I see you've only gotten one answer from a Messianic "Jew."

    From a non-Christian point of view, I would guess that they believe in original sin just as every other Christian does. Therefore, if one dies without being saved by a human blood sacrifice, they are doomed to eternal torment.

    If you want a Jewish answer, the answer is that we don't believe in original sin and find human sacrifice to be an abomination!

    There are few, if any, born Jews in the Messianic Christian movement. They are intent on converting Jews to Christianity in order to annihilate us from the face of the earth after 5769 years! They are just a little more devious than the Nazis.


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    I find it odd that when asked about their beliefs, Messanics i.e. Followers of Christ on here don't seem to find the questions ever. Even within Jewish questions they answer, they don't elucidate what Messanic beliefs are very much at all. They only seem to answer Jewish questions & claim to be Jewish. Over time I've concluded that they don't, because it would show clearly how not-Jewish & probably how Christian they are.

    At any rate, on Messanic sites I've perused, they talked about Hell for unsaved non-followers of Jesus. Jewish groups working to protect us from their use of our name, have identified that messanics believe us Jews are going to hell (making it strange to call themselves Jews). I was hoping by their answers, I'd verify their beliefs. Oh well, maybe on another question sometime.

    As stated clearly by others Messanics are NOT Jewish in any way.

    DSM's answer is an example. He criticizes Judaism but never answers on whether we Jews are going to hell or not (or did I miss it in there?). I don't know where the rest of the folks are.

    Did I say yet that in Judaism there is no hell?

    EDIT to DSM's addition:

    Still can't tell in your addition DSM what you believe. You don't define what hell is (which I've known Christians that don't). Apparently you believe that that God will judge not-believing (not being saved) as a bad thing & possibly contributing a person to heading to hell or not... and that believe is a position that can help stay away from it. So from your answer, Jews, non-believers are separated from God & experience a hell sooner or later?

    "I understand that as a person of the LAW living under the LAW, your focus is on punishment for the disobedient and so you live the best as you can trying to avoid punishment."

    VERY false statement. Totally not what the commandments (not law) is about nor is punishment an issue. That is a very Christian taught understanding of Judiasm, including the word law.

    If you want to be messanic that's fine. It doesn't make you Jewish or practicing Judaism, but rather your own religion. It shouldn't include this need to put down Judaism. The only reason for put down is if you want -rights- to the name as replacement for Judaism. Your spirituality should include respecting others even if you don't like that they are already using the name Jew when you think you are doing it better. It should also include pride in your religion to give it a distinctive name to recognize it by. They weren't even called ONLY Jew or Judaism then so it shouldn't be hard to come up with a better name to fit messanic beliefs. ...unless the religion includes -targeting- Judaism. (PS I don't actually know what the common terms were at the time come to think of it.)

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    Messianic Christians believe the same as Christians because they are Christians.

    Jews look forward and actively try to bring Mashiach. They believe like every other Jew about life after death. They don't have Evangelical Chiistian beliefs about being saved by J sus.

    This question begs a Baptist/Evangelical point of view about 'saved' that Jews don't have.

    Good point Cher, they are not answering this because it would blow their cover as Evangelistic Cristians. Or maybe they are worshiping the birth of their deity today. Grandma, what large fangs.....

    NEUMANNS, I hear you. They are wearing Jewish sweaters which you find objectionable, but they still believe in the fundamentals of your faith. They are wearing the sweaters as part of their camouflage funded by Evangelicals who have declared war on Judaism. So, while it is offensive to you, our spiritual lives are on the line.

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    1 decade ago

    Excuse me, my fellow Jews.

    This question was directed towards "Messianic Jews", not Jewish Jews. We get upset (and rightfully so) when a Messianic Jew answers a question directed at Jews, so I do not think we can answer a question directed towards Messianic Jews, which we are not.

    Also I would like to know how the beliefs of Messianic Jews do differ from their fellow Christians.

    edit: The question asked what "Messianic Jews" believe, not what Jews believe. I have made it clear in this and past posts that I do not include Messianic Judaism as in any way a part of Judaism. My point was that as a Jew I am no more qualified to answer a question directed at Messianics Jews than I would be to answer a question directed at Hindus, Shintos, Muslims, or any of the other religions that are not Judaism.

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    Messianic Jew is a nonsequiter. Jews do not believe in Jesus. If you believe in Jesus, you are a Christian, not a Jew

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