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I want to get married to the love of my life, but I'm ugly?

My lover and I are planning on getting married a few years from now. Whenever I meet him, I would make sure my make up is on. but the thing is, im insecure on the way I look. Living with the love of my life in a house together would be a nightmare. he for sure would wake up next to me, and would see my face without any make up on! I'm sure I would get bad comments on this, but I really need your help on this! should I not marry him at all? or what should I do? thanks :(


he did tell me that even if I lost arms and legs his feelings for me wouldn't change. but i'm scared.. :(

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    stacy he loves you, and wants to marry you. he thinks your beautiful so you need too see that too. you have what alot of women and some men want and thats a mate who loves you for yourself, you have to get over the whole makeup issue cause he will not care what you think you look like without it and thats the truth, we all have flaws but it's easier to handle when you have some one who loves you for who you truly are for just being you, don't run him away babe cause he is a great person.

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    i get that you are sad - but do not - not marry him, you life would go down hill if you didn't marry the one you loved because of makeup.

    here is how i see it. i love my boyfriend so much he can almost do no wrong. i find everything about him beautiful (looks wise) so why can't someone think that way of you.

    love is blind. remember that. start wearing less make up around him get him use to you with no make up on. and if he starts making bad comments and you feel it won't work. my auntie is a make up artist and she feels the same way, so she go certain make up tattooed in and she also uses night make up which is less extreme the the tattoos.

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    I can see that u r insecure and suffering with inferiority complex related to ur looks. Dont worry about them. If he really loves u then ur looks wont matter to him at all. he loves the person that u r not ur face. its true that a love starts with eyes but gradually its the heart that matters.

    And if u r still insecure about that then overcome ur fear and meet him once without ur makeup and see his reaction. i am 99% sure that it would not matter to him .

    But if it does matter to him and he wants to breakup because of that then u r much more better off without such a person in ur life. just thank god that u were aware of the truth before u committed ur whole life to such a person.

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    Everyone is beautiful!

    The reason why you feel like you look ugly without makeup is because you have already adapted to wearing make-up and looking beautiful all the time. Like when i put on mascara, eyeliner, and a lip stick, i feel like i have too much make-up on. lol. But you'll adapt to it. Don't worry over something like that. He Truly cares for you, and if you want to say no to marring him because you're afraid he'll wake up scared by you not wearing make-up, you should talk to him about it. :)

    You do love him?

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    If he really really loves you with all his heart, then he wouldn't care even if half your face was black and the other half white. Love doesn't come from a hotness of a person. It comes from the persons doings,personality and affection.

    Keep this in mind and you won't feel this way about yourself.

    Good luck =)

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    Lose the makeup. IF your favorite movie star came on stage looking like a Fashion show, it would look pretty weird. Only use make-up lightly and occasionally. Even though I never met you, I can tell you that you are Beautiful. Not like the "Britney Speares" I'm dating. EW........

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    I'm sure that if he's willing to take that final step, then he isn't going to have trouble handling you w/o make up. You are experiencing a silly pre-marriage fear.

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    I think you'll be fine. True love is deeper than looks. Even if you're a hideous monster faced troll he will love you forever. I'm not saying you're a hideous monster faced troll.,..., just don't worry about it.

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    love isnt on how ugly or how beautiful u r.its baced on what ur heart tells u if the guy realy loves u he would care about inner beuty not outer.


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    how can oyu love someone else if you cant love yourself?

    Work out get a hot bod -- take care of your skin youll be fine..

    look ar ound at the world its mostly ugly peaple --

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