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How to deal with nosey and crazy landlord?

Everytime i go to the basement of the 2unit flat building that i am renting, where my car is stored, the landlord, whom lives on the first floor above the garage, always follows every move i make when i am in the garage. It all started when i worked on the car once in the garage when she told me off that i can't work on the car in her garage because she only allows me to park there. The basement/garage layout is a two car garage, side to side parking, btw i live in san francisco,. WEll anyways, i took the last straw, she came downstairs while i was minding my own business, tinkering with a car part in the garage, (not even near the car at this point) , when she comes down and says, this is my garage, your not allowed to use it, and tells me to go upstairs to my unit to do whatever I am doing. Can someone tell me if i have any rights being violated regarding rental control. Thanks


During the confrontation in the basement, i was standing with miscellaneous items for the car, i had them placed on top of the dryer where i was working.

Update 2:

We are renting the garage as part of the total rent cost. Maybe it is specifically writtten as one parking space.

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    Obviously she only expects you to park in the garage - not do repairs or use the garage for other purposes. It's a somewhat understandable if her personal stuff is also stored in the garage (although she shouldn't rent out her house if she is so sensitive).

    Read your rental agreement. It's not uncommon for apartment garages to have rules stating that the parking space is only for parking a properly licensed, operational vehicle and not to be used for other purposes (i.e. storage, vehicle repair, car washing, etc.).

    That said, she should have made her expectations clearer to you in writing and before you moved-in. Stalking and harassing you isn't a good client-relations technique.

    If you want to make a civil case out of it, document everything, write her letter stating that you feel she is threatening and preventing you from exercising your right to use park, and threaten that you intend to take civil action if she does not honor the rental agreement.

    Source(s): property manager
  • 1 decade ago

    You have the right to not be harrased, and if that is happening then you should document it and threaten a lawsuit.

    As a landlord myself, the reason we generally do not allow auto repairs in my area is because it is against city code enforcement. If my tenant fixes a car on my property, it does not matter to code enforcement. I will be the one to receive a fine not the tenant.

    The second problem with auto repairs is that there is the potential for fuids to get into the drive way.

    Third issue is that it drops property values. When my neighbor tries to sell his house and a prospective buyer sees someone trying to fix a car in the driveway, that lowers the price and thus attracts the type of people who don't care about living in messy neighborhood.

  • 1 decade ago

    You would need to read your lease. Garages are typically NOT included in SF and have a separate lease of their own, not related to rent control, as they are rented as storage facilities.

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