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krash asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

Redskins fans! First reports are that Jim Zorn is coming back. What do you think? ?

I'm a Redskins fan and I'm happy to hear they're sticking with him. It isn't easy for a first time head coach to win 8 games and perhaps 9, his first year in. This will definitely benefit Jason Campbell also....

So what do you think?


elkgond: I am leaning in your direction concerning Campbell. But I haven't totally decided yet if he's gonna be mediocre or not. I Think next year will say a lot about his development as he will finally not have to learn a completely new offense. I'm still giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Update 2:

remowlms: I agree completely. But Sneider is a loose cannon and I can't help but think he'd take a run at Cowher if he could.

Update 3:

Iceman: Well I know they play in a tough division but I don't think you can place all the blame there. Two terrible losses to Cincinnati and St. Louis came well out of their division. I never thought Zorn was a problem either... just a first year head coach learning on the job. I hope we continue to improve...

Update 4:

GhettoRomeo: Yes, at my most optimistic moments this exactly what I'm hoping for. Campbell getting comfortable with the playbook, getting better and better growing into a poised end elite QB. Let's just hope Portis holds up!

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    I think it's a good thing that Jim Zorn is coming back. He is a young head coach who I think has a lot of potential. Jason Campbell showed flashes of greatness this year and I think Zorn will be the man who develops him into an elite Nfl quarterback next year after an extensive off-season training. It would be a disaster to bring in another system with a new playbook for Jason to learn. I like Zorn's enthusiasm as a coach and he has a passion for the game; he is the man for the job in Washington for a long time.

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    I am happy Jim Zorn is coming back he could lead deap into the playoffs and possiblyinto the Superbowl. Not enough people give them credit that they should get there in the most competitive division in the NFL. Jason Campbell is a great QB he was great and the they started to lose to teams that they shouldent have ( Bengals ) its just a matter of time to let Jim Zorn and the Skins to have a great season.

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    Jim Zorn is not, and was never the problem.

    The problem is they play in a horribly tough division. A divison full of good offensive teams. They just dont have offensive firepower to stay up with the other teams. But if they win this week, they would finsih 9-7, which is like going 11-5 in most divisons. I honeslty think they need a better QB to win that divison though.

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    Well I'm a Ravens fan, but my uncle and his whole side of the family loves the 'Skins, so i guess i count for this question. I think that once the Redskins started on the skid of losing 4 of 5, or something like that, he lost the team mentally and emotionally. I mean, i think that if they had even the least bit of chemistry, they could have at least beat the Bengals. They have tried to lose to 4 bad teams, and succeeded in two of them. Lost to the Rams and The Bengals, as mentioned, and almost lost to the Lions and the Seahawks. I think when the GM said that his future was uncertain, that the team rallied to beat Philly and get him back next year.

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    4 years ago

    no longer a Redskins fan even nevertheless it rather is actual that Jason Campbell in simple terms isn't reliable adequate. Colt Brenan had a reliable preseason (particularly that game against the Colts) and that i comprehend that exchange into basically preseason however the Redskins might as nicely attempt it through fact Jason Campbell isn't the way forward for the Washington Redskins.

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    I have to say that I was 50/50 about if they should keep him or not.

    Since I couldn't come up with a definitive/legit reason to get rid of him,

    I think he's deserving of another chance.

    It's his first year in one if not the toughest division in football.

    He and Portis do need to get on the same track at some point.

    It doesn't look professional at all when they bicker.

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    1 decade ago

    Jason Campbell will never lead the Redskins anywhere but A first round playoff loss. At least he'll take them there though. I wish the Browns could get there.

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    Go Redskins and Jim Zorn!!!!!!

    Hail to the Redskins

    Hail victory

    Braves on the warpath

    Fight fo ol' D.C.

    Source(s): All Redskin Die-Hards
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    It would be stupid to fire a first year coach (I am looking in your direction Al Davis) as the coach hasn't had time to bring in his system. You need to give a coach and quarterback 3 years to develop a good team...

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