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Is the New York Yankees' 2009 rotation anywhere near as good as it's being made out to be?

I'm taking into consideration a few factors. First of all, we can agree that Sabathia is good. However, he's never really been in New York type spotlight before, and prior to getting traded from the American League last year, his numbers were not overly impressive (and we know the NL is weaker hitting). Second of all, A.J. Burnett is injury prone. I'll be happy if he makes 25 starts, but even if he has a healthy season, how good is he? He just came off a season the media, teams and agents called his career year and his ERA was still over 4. These guys are being tacked on two incumbents so far. Wang is coming off a season ending injury and you can only wonder what he'll bring to the table in '09, and for as good as Chamberlain's potential is, he's still an injury risk, still young, and the Yankees are keeping him on such a strict pitch count that he can't dominate games into late innings. Five and fly with someone like Joba is a waste of talent and a blow on the bullpen. The fifth starter, thought to be Andy Pettitte, has been good for the Yankees in the past but came off of a 2-7 finish to 2008 with an ERA well over five. You have to wonder how much he has left in the tank.

So I'm interested in your thoughts. Do you agree with me or think the Yankees rotation will live up to the hype?

Please, make appropriate comments. I'm just interested in some insight. Thank you for your participation!


Care - It's interesting you ask that question because that's exactly the point I'm trying to make. On paper, this rotation looks awesome. That's why there's so much speculation as to how great it's going to be. I tried to surface a few of the holes people may not be looking at. As far as your answer is concerned, I think a lot is to be said for Boston's rotation, still. Depending on where players like Peavy, Sheets and Lowe go, the Dodgers, Arizona, and Los Angeles of Anaheim could also have more feared rotations than the Yankees. But COULD is the keyword. That's why this is a question up for personal opinion. Thank you for your answer.

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    Sabathia - will need to be an absolute workhorse. He's never pitched well when he has pitched in New York.

    Burnett - might as well pencil him in for at least one extended DL stretch

    Wang - if he's healthy, great addition to any rotation

    Pettite - he'll get tired and disappear after the all-star break

    Chamberlain - still probably more valuable to the Yankees in the 8th inning than as a starter

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    Ok we all obviously know how they look on paper ! But the biggest question is how will they perform . I like CC but not in the playoffs ! , Aj Burnett has a fire in him when he pitches but he has been inconsistent from time to time, C.Mwang is a solid pitcher and should return to form, Now here is where it get sticky . The top there are obviously penciled in but its the bottom two that are the problem.

    Andy Pettite has not signed with the yankees

    Joba looks like the next great closer rather than the second coming of Nolan Ryan. I personally was pulling for this guy to be a starter cause he was exciting to watch and he could throw almost 100mph !!! But it does not seem like his body can handle the rigors of pitching 5 to 9 innings. I remember when Rivera came up and he was starting he was great !!! He was striking guys out left and right !! But they believed he was better served in the bullpen and then the rest is history. So i am not mad at all that he will not be starting but hey why not have the second coming of Rivera !!!

    Ok back to the suspect back end rotation ! Now P.Hughes showed so much promise his first year i thought he was going to have a great season but he ended up getting injured . I guess we will have to see how he rebounds first .

    Next up is my least favorite Yankee farm hand or trash can and that Ian (I cant handle the pressure in Ny) Kennedy ! This is one guy i was not no way excited about . He is a control pitcher with next to nothing in velocity and he has emotional problems !! Its very hard to develop control pitchers because most of them cant throw over 89 which makes them extremely hittable when they have an off night ! The last great control pitcher just retired (Greg Maddux) and i do not believe we are going to see another one like him for years . definitely know this Kennedy character is not the next one at least not here in the big City !

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    Name a better one in 2009.

    Boston's starting pitching is pretty much the same as last year. If Beckett is hurt they will be in trouble.

    Lowe is a 5th starter and not worth the hype being thrown around about him.

    AJ's dl stints are being over blown. 8 times in his career? I think that's it. Like he said he knows how to work his body out better not to do harm anymore. But realistically anyone can land on the dl at any time. I think Wang will get 18-20 wins and will be fine. Remember it was not an arm injury. I don't see Joba doing that well as a starter. I'd prefer him in the pen just like Posada said.

    I don't see Andy coming back and if he did I think his pitching days are almost over. Andy labors too much when he pitches. I don't think the Angels pitching is so great remember the ALW only has them the A's and so on have nothing and those are easy wins. Only my opinion. Take care.

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    Sabathia- can pitch entire games and dominate

    Wang is a 20 game winner (despite odd injury last year)

    Burnett- Ill give you injury prone

    Joba will probably be moved back to the bullpen where he dominates.

    Andy Pettitte is a 15 game winner

    Phil Hughes will rebound.

    There are strong rumors of a trade for Jake Peavy and if that happens theres no chance the yankees will lose a game.

    The only thing the yankees have to worry about is the bottom half of their lineup after Hideki Matsui.

    So to answer your question, yes they are great :)

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    they don't scare me AT ALL

    CC is a PROVEN choker in the spotlight...i feel they will be lucky to get 10 wins out of him, most will be away games

    AJ will be good when he's HEALTHY..and thats hardly ever.

    WANG is solid..he wont win 20 games again more like 15.

    THEN WHAT..joba the hutt is good for an inning or 2.

    DONT even mention the WINLESS WONDERS hughes and kennedy...

    RIVERA is a solid closer still.

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