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about relative clause...(20點)

Mary who was talking to you just now is my best friend.

我想問 le 句句子 ge main clause同relative clause係咩ar??


同埋relative clause ge usage係點ga~几時應該用几時唔應該用??

thanks so much!!

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    1) defining relative clauses ( no comma)= (It contains the essential information.

    If you remove it, no one will understand what you are talking about.)


    1) The man who killed Mr Brown has been arrested/busted by the police.

    who killed Mr Brown<----------------This is a defining relative clause.

    We will never know who the man is if you remove this clause.

    2) My friend who taught at XXXX school died last night.

    who taught at XXX school <-----A defining relative clause

    It is the same case here. If you remove this clause, no one will know

    which friend of yours you are talking about.

    2) Non-defining relative clauses ( with two commas)=

    It provides readers with UNIMPORTANT ,extra or interesting information only. The sentence can stand alone as a complete sentence

    without this clause.

    1) Mary, who is very smart, is going to further her studies in America.

    who is very smart<-------------A non-defining relative clause with two commas.

    This part is not essential. It only provides readers with some extra information.

    You may put a non-defining relative clause at the end of a sentence too.

    1.1) Mr Lee eventually decided to get divorced, which surprised me a lot.

    which surprised me a lot<------A non-defining clause with ONLY ONE COMMA IN THE FRONT.


    Mary who was talking to you is my best friend.

    who was talking to you<---------A defining clause

    ( If there are more than one girl named Mary, you should use this clause.)


    What is a main clause?

    A clause in a complex sentence that contains at least a subject and a verb and can stand alone syntactically as a complete sentence. Also called independent clause.


    Helen likes sports, but I like computer games.

    Helen likes sports.<-----------------Main clause( independent clause)

    It is a complete sentence.

    The clause in PINK is a complete sentence too.

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