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什麼是量子圍欄Quantum Corral ?



何謂量子圍欄Quantum Corral


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    Quantum Corral好像是一個公司的名稱請參考http://quantumcorral.net/whatisqc.html

    以下是為什麼 他們要叫自己著個名子

    What is a Quantum Corral?

    (and why would we name our company like that?)

    We grew up in the “Atomic Age”. Atoms were these infinitesimally tiny marvels that would give us “electricity too cheap to measure”, send rockets to the moon, enable limitless interplanetary travel, and blow our sworn enemies to bits.

    From “atoms for peace” to “duck and cover”, atoms wriggled themselves into our subconscious. Our tender, curious minds never had a chance.

    The prevailing notion was that we would never, ever, see atoms. We could only know them indirectly. By speculation. Through analogies.

    Fast forward to the 1990s when, after years of keeping our right brain busy with regular right-brain stuff, our left brain was snagged by an article in Science News. Researchers at IBM’s Almaden Research Center had not only managed to observe atoms, but had enclosed a single one in a structure they called a quantum corral.

    To an amateur scientist and lifelong Hopalong Cassidy fan, the concept was irresistible. Those two words together recalled adventures on an imaginary saddle and at the Chemcraft Chemistry Set. (Not to mention Buckaroo Banzai)

    To round up a single atom is a fiting metaphor for capturing the spark that brings a creative concept to life.

    How do we make each project distinctive? First, we round up the little atoms...



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