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對了能順便幫我英翻中嗎 謝謝

Update 2:

我住台北縣三重市 今年19歲性別男

我的興趣是運動跑步 目前讀北台灣科學技術學院

幫我中翻英 謝謝

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    大大好 我來幫你編自我介紹:










    Hello everyone. My name is (姓名). I am (歲) years old boy/girl and I’m turning 20 this year. I was born on (生日). My astrology sign is (星座). I am a (個性:例 easy-going隨和 可以加很多) person. Right now, my occupation is (職業 ex. Student). My hobbies are (嗜好). I like to listen to music especially rock and heavy metal. Some of my favourite artists are Killswitch Engaged and Atreyu. I come from (國家) and live in (地方ex.Taipei台北). My family consist of (家人幾個. Ex. 4~6). My dad is a (工作. Ex. Engineer工程師) and my mother is a (工作Ex. Housewife 家庭主婦). We led a (家庭情況ex. Harmonious 和諧) life. My objective is to (自己的目標 ex. have a good relationship with everyone. 跟每人相處好). Finally, it is nice to meet everyone here. Thank you.

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    大家好. 我叫(姓名).我現在幾歲然後今年升上去是20. 我在(什麼時候出生). 我的(星座)是XXX. 我是個(個性)的人. 現在, 我的職業是(學生). 我的(嗜好)是. 我喜歡聽音樂尤其是搖滾與重金屬音樂. 有些我喜歡的團是(終極殺戮樂團) 和(無極樂團). 我從(國家)來的還有我住在(汐止).我家裡有(幾個人). 我爸是做(什麼工作)還有我媽是(做什麼工作的). 我們家是個(怎麼樣的家庭). 我的目標是(什麼). 最後,非常高興認識大家.謝謝.

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    我住台北縣三重市 今年19歲性別男

    I live in San Chong city in Taipei County. I’m a nineteen-year-old boy.

    我的興趣是運動跑步 目前讀北台灣科學技術學院

    I’m interested in doing sports and running. Right now, I study at (Taipei Science and Technology Institute).

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    北台灣科學技術學院:Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan

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    Good morning everyone. my name is xxx and i am 18 years old.

    I live in (place) and i graduate from (school). There are 4 people in my family and i am a youngest children. My father is the business owner. He owns the convenience store in (place) and he is always a hard worker. My mum is housewife and she is always busy on clean the house. My brother is a engineering and he is not at home very often. He is moving out and live outside by himself. My sister work in big apartment store and she sell comestics. Of course, she is very beautiful and lots of guys are chasing her. Me. of course, i am a student as you guys know. I like to play online game after i finish my homework. So

    i can relax and enjoy my break. Thank you for listening.

    this is very simple one...這篇關於你 你家人 家人的職業 跟你喜歡的事物 還要放其他東西嗎?

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    我是xxx 我18歲

    我住在(place) 我在畢業於(school)

    我家裡有五個人 我是最小的 There are 5 people in my family-->打錯 因該是5

    我爸爸是便利商店的老闆 他是個非常拼命的人

    我媽媽是家庭主婦 他平常都忙著整理家裡

    我哥哥是工程師 但是他不長在家 因為他都自己一個人住在外面


    當然 他是個非常漂亮的人 同時也有很多人追求

    我 你們也知道我是個學生

    每當我做完功課後 我都會玩網路遊戲

    在玩的同時 我都覺得很輕鬆


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    我住台北縣三重市 今年19歲性別男

    I live in 三重市 in Taipei. Im 19 years old and im male

    我的興趣是運動跑步 目前讀北台灣科學技術學院

    im interesting on sporting and running

    I am currently sstudy in

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    Hello, everybody. My name is ~~Tina~~ and I’m ~~seventeen~~ years old. I graduated form ~~中和 junior high school~~. There are five people in my family- father, grandmother, little brother, and I. I’m an optimistic and easy-going person, which means it would be easy to get alone with me. I like outdoor activities, and going camping and climbing the mountains are my favourite. I’d love to be your friend, so don’t feel shy to make friends with me. That’s all for my self-introduction. Thanks for your listening.


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