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中翻英 請勿用翻譯軟體 請專家幫忙














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    The performance of the new government in economics seems lower than expected. I personally think that it was due to multiple impacts from international finance crisis, insufficient internal demand of Taiwan, surging oil prices and America’s social and economic problems. All of such factors are far beyond expectation.

    Further more, for Taiwan’s poor internal demands, the government still keeps old thinking and cannot still work out a breakthrough to tackle the problem. Instead, the government seems to have mired into troubles, coping with problems that emerge almost every day. The government should have thought and worked out a plan on how to develop the economics and should not have been thinking of saving stock market and issuing consuming vouchers. That can only lead to a vicious circle.

    And, the government should walk out to reach and feel the society, not just stay inside the office making blind decision. The government should consult with businesses, academics and the media. After all, the situation waits for no man. If the government cannot revive the economics, people will lose their patience and trust to the government.

    Taiwan has born the brunt of the toxic milk incident. In addition to hurts to people’s health, the confectionary and food industries also suffered a big loss because consumers were all scared away. The incident really dealt another blow on the businesses that have suffered recession. Some of them have closed down eventually. The US government announced without any sign at the very beginning a through ban on Chinese dairy, revealing a serious attitude in fencing their people. On the contrary, our Department of Health seemed to be hesitating in making its policy and did not take any action till it found that melamine-stained foods had scattered to markets.

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    The performance of the government was really out of shape, and the government did not well control the real status of the crisis.

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    The related departments who are responsible for guarding food safety are also to blame and to review.

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    The government should help those suffered businesses to go through the crisis to get rid of people’s panic.

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