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What is the story of the movie EYES WIDE SHUT?

I have seen the movie but did not understand it. please tell me what happens after he enters the mansion to the end of the movie

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    Yes it is a complicated movie. It is directed by Stanley Kubrick-the guy who makes tough movies to interpret. Luckily, I own and seen the movie a million times.

    If always perceived the meaning of "Eyes wide Shut" being the thoughts of confidence that Bill had about his wife. His ignorance to the fact that women have the same sexual desires and animal instincts as men do. When you watch the scene with the two girls at the party, Bill knew exactly what he was doing, and where they were leading him as well. Bill was completely fine with what he was doing/about to do, flirting, carrying on with them, even potentially going upstairs with them if he hadn't been pulled away. He felt he could do anything he wanted because his loving wife does not have those types of urges she needs to fulfill. The argument they have really illustrates the arrogance of Bill, and Alice called him on that. Especially when it comes to his reasoning why he didn't want to *beep* them. "Because Im married"

    The film also explores the question, are ideas of infidelity, the thoughts of sex with someone else as bad as the real thing? The visions Bill began to have about his wife with the sailor was giving him free reign to "get back at her". The way Alice goes on about how she made love with Bill, talked about the future, etc but still had the sailor in her head the entire time also suggests a meaning into "eyes wide shut". DO we really know the one we are with? Will we ever know? Do we even want to know? Is this how we go through life?

    Truly fascinating film. I miss Kubrick too. He was a master.

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