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Sherman asked in SportsBasketball · 1 decade ago

Top basketball stories of 2008?

USA men's basketball teams reclaims Gold in Beijing.

Celtics dominate the Lakers on the way to the Title

D-Wade returns to top form this season after shutting it down for the last 21 games of last season.

National Championship game an OT thriller between Memphis and Kansas (Chalmers hits a 3 at the end of regulation to tie it).

Celtics on record pace this season and look invincible.

Hawks (and left-for-dead Coach Mike Woodson) battle for 2nd tier status in East after barely making the Playoffs only a season earlier.

Rank these basketball stories from the year 2008, 1-6. Give reasons!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1 team redeem (the biggest, the young dwight, the return from injury wade, king james, prince of the palace, cp3, cb4) the best team USA will ever have in 21 century.

    2 celtics lakers (it's back again)

    3 ncaa finals (isn't fun to watch finals in OT? at least, it was better than previous year when oden/conley got annihilated by corey brewer and noah?)

    4 hawks (but i am more suprised with nets)

    5 celtics 27-2 records (with rando maturing, pierce at his peak, with 1-2 years left from KG and ray-ray, it's no shocking)

    6 d-wade, coz since olympics he is unstoppable and leading scorer, he gained some more muscles and he's fantastic, i even tried to take him in yahoo fantasy games as top pick this year)

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  • 6. National Title game was a great game. It would have been over in regulation if CDR had run some more time off the clock instead of driving to the basket and missing two free throws.

    5. Celtics domination. Everyone thought Kobe was good enough to lead Hollywood to a World Championship over blue-collar Boston.

    4. D-Wade. The kid is back!

    3. Hawks. If the Playoffs started today, they'd be the 4 seed!

    2. Celtics 18 straight. Who's going to stop them from challenging the record 33-game win streak?

    1. USA. They got the job done with tremendous pressure on them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Definitely Lakers-Celtics Rivalry Renewed

    -Most impactful on multiple levels. Great for the NBA, great for the city of Boston and LA, great for universal hype and excitement no matter who you are.

    2. Redeem Team

    - It's the Olympics nothing is bigger than the olympics on planet earth. However, they were expected to get the gold like you are expected to blink today, and it was only slightly competitive in the Gold Medal Game vs Spain for like a minute, besides that it was all totally blowouts (as expected and desired).

    the rest aren't all that big and here's WHY

    • D-wade returning to prime shape is just something that was expected, if he CONTINUED to lead a garbage team, then that would be a story, that he is a fallen superstar.

    • Every year there is an NCAA champion and just because it went into OT doesn't make it a phenomal story, maybe double OT, but single OT not that special.

    • Celtics doing so good this season is something that was expected, maybe not this good, but that small margin of expectation that was evaded does not even make it come close to being a big story.

    • The Hawks story WOULD have been a big deal taking it to 7 games, but the Cavs did the exact same thing and it became apparent that it was a trend of the CELTICS and had little to nothing to do with the teams they were playing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Celtics record start. Who needs James Posey?

    2. USA. they did what they knew they'd better do.

    3. Celtic Championship. They gave the Lakers a good ol' fashioned butt whipping.

    4. D-Wade. We knew he'd be back and be one of the best.

    5. National Champs. They took advantage of Memphis' mistakes to win the game.

    6. Hawks. They WERE a Playoff team last season.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. 2008 Finals

    2. Gold Medal

    3. Celtics Record

    4. D-Wade MVP so far

    5. National Championship Game

    6. Hawks

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  • cura
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Arizona Cardinals making Superbowl Celtics prevailing NBA identify A-Rod Steroids Yankee Stadium remaining Mike Vick dogs struggling with Michael Phelps Olympics Brett Farve Retirement section 2 Pittsburgh becoming winningest Superbowl group Tom Brady out for season Tiger prevailing the Masters with torn ACL those in no particular order

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  • 1 decade ago

    My top story is The Dibacle with Starbury, all the one you listed are nice little stories, but Marbury getting treated like a piece of meat is my top story. I can't believe David Stern would continue to let this soap opera continue, its a black eye on the sport i love so much. Its bull shi t the way the knicks orginization continues to treat this guy. Give him his money, thats garanteed and cut ties, don't let this continue to be a black cloud over this sport. Its ridiculous!!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    celtics stories the usa then d wade cuz him getting of the injured list amazing the hawks then the college one

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1-Hawks There my Fav team, and.... we own baby LETS GO HAWK

    2-Celtics. I refuse to explain why, I freaking hate the celtics

    3-USA men... USA USA USA USA

    4-Celtics own the Lakers, check number 2

    5-NC game was crazy. I don't wacth alot of college ball, but I watched that game, it was fun

    6- dwade. no one cares about dwade, outside of miami

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  • I agree with Tupac,I mean I saw him live on TV crying.

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