is the book "last witness" by Julliane Hoffman good?

i went to barnes n nobles with mymom n i got some books but then my mom saw the book "last witness" n she said it seemed pretty good n i said ok then lets take it so she bought me the books n well

since im on christmas break im reading extra books cuz like to read lol

n well n e ways i also wanted to know if i neeeded to read the book retribution to able to understand last witness ?

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    Jilliane Hoffman rightly shot to fame following the publication of her first novel RETRIBUTION. The Last Witness is not only her second work, but it follows the same storyline and employs the same characters. The problem for me is that while Retribution seemed to have been written from the heart, the follow-up has been written almost entirely from the head.

    We're back in Miami serial-killer territory again, only this time the victims are police officers who were involved in the arrest, trial and conviction of "Cupid" from the first book. We've moved on 3 years, which is how long Cupid has been on Death Row. Central character CJ Townsend, an Assistant State Attorney just as the author herself was, inevitably but reluctantly becomes involved in the hunt for a killer nicknamed the 'Black Jacket'. She's assisted by her (mostly) live-in lover Dominick Falconetti, a Special Agent from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

    There is never any doubt about Ms Hoffman's knowledge of her subject matter. She is almost relentless in her descriptions of investigative methodology and cross-agency politics. She's been there herself, and it leaves me wondering how much of the story lines have been adapted from real-life experiences. Some will find this attention to detail impressive, but to me there was just too much of it and there wasn't enough passion - something that Redemption did not lack.

    I was really looking forward to reading this book, my expectations were sky-high but unfortunately it turned out to be less than special, bordering on a by-the-numbers crime thriller. We already know that the writer can do better than this, let's hope she does next time round.

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    3 years ago

    i love interpreting- at the same time as i develop into little i didn't want to envision, yet then i'd do it besides and then get so stuck up in it. i love interpreting now. i finished a e book some hours in the past. The Clocks, by Agatha Christie. loved it.

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