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Can a magnesium fishing reel cause me to have high magnesium levels in my blood ? ?

I am looking specifically at getting this fishing reel :

The main body and rotor of it are made from magnesium. Would using this cause magnesium to get into my body/blood ?

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    No, Vodka.

    Outside of kidney failure Magnesium toxicity is rare and would require a very high dose. 500mg per day is RDA recommended. We sometimes prescribe up to 3 grams per day if the magnesium level is low and it rarely bounces the other way.

    Some metals can be toxic, but these are usually heavy metals like lead which tend to bind and build up in the bones and nervous system.

    I will not claim any expertise in the structure of fishing reels, but I will assume they are not made of powdered of soluable Magnesium.

    They would have to be for any appreciable amount to leave a residue on your skin.

    This Magnesium residue would then have to pass transdermally into your blood stream or be accidentally ingested if you ate food with Magnesium-laced hands.

    Yeah, I'm saying no to this one. Fish to your heart's content.

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    Magnesium is not toxic.

    No need to worry. Enjoy your new fishing reel.

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