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How can you find out If you have a Native American background?

My father, probably had native american in him, but I'm not certain , because he was adopted, and who his real father was, is a mystery. His adoptive parents were very quite about it, and the mother was'nt around. My father and everyone who could have known anything have passed. Im very curious to find out. Is there anyway to know for sure. Could a blood test show if I have any Indian in my blood?

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    A DNA test will tell you if you have any Native American blood.

    It is doubtful if you will be able to get his adoption records opened since he is deceased. The Courts require the child or bio parents to request them opened. You might check on the adoption boards to see if anyone has experience with this. They can tell you if you can and how to go about it. I haven't heard of a Court opening the records without parent or child petitioning but each State is different. It also depends on the type of adoption it is.

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    If your father passed, you may be able to obtain his adopted records being that you are his child.

    Why don't you take a DNA test?

    Infact, do both. Try to get his adopted records. Do you have his Death Certificate, his Birth Certificate? I His social security application? I know you just want to know if you have Indian blood but a lot of these documents can have this type of information. If he identified with another race more, then you may just have to rely on the DNA test. Just because you many have that particular ancestry in your bloodline does not mean that he is going to claim it.

    Who told you that your father probably has native american blood? I am only asking because you used the word "probably."

    I don't understand why people are like this. If you want to know about your biological family why can't his adoptive parents just tell you. You have the right to know. I just don't understand.

    Best Wishes!!

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