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Virus preventing updates and going on any anti virus site?

Ok so i was attacked by Gadcom.exe and PolyCrypt.exe yesterday. My internet has not been the same since. I was able to stop the every time i click on a google link it brings me to another pop-up site. However, despite this, i still cant get on spybot's website and others. Avg cant even update


Nope, none of those work. All the links, for me, are dead. I've done full scans with AVG Anti-Spyware, AVG - AntiVirus. I was going to use Maleware as i already have it, however, it fails to start up. Wont even re-install

Update 2:


Turns out it was something in hardware called TDSSERV

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    try these sites instead

    You need to download these programs and then run in the order listed below

    ATF Cleaner by Atribune.-

    Fix Policies - Http://

    Malwarebytes -

    ComboFix -

    Run ATF cleaner program, select the All option and then click the Empty Selected button,

    when finished, run the Fix Policies,

    unzip and then run the fix_policies.cmd by clicking it,

    a black box will appear and when it closes it is finished.

    Run the Malwarebytes setup, install and then run the full option,

    if it prompts you to reboot to remove files then do it.

    Lastly run combofix,

    it is important you disable all AntiVirus and Anti Spyware programs before running this, some seem to detect this as a virus and will restrict it, it is not a virus.

    Do not mouse click when this is running, with some set ups this will stall the program.

    When it has finished reboot and hopefully you have your PC back under your full control and Virus free.

    If you have a Anti Virus program run a full system scan now.

    If you don't then try this one AVG - or the free edition at

    AVG FREE -

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    Download Superantispyware from here

    If you don't have Firefox download that also. If you have more problems with the links try and download things in safe mode. You could also download Dr Web Cureit from here

    No need to install it just a scanner. Have any questions email me.

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