How do you fix malware problems when IE won't open most of the time?

and when it does it allways redirects you to www.xpseek no matter what you type in the address bar. I am on my laptop now and am trying to fix my desktop. It will not let me go to any site to download anything, so i have to fix it some other way.

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    You need a friend with a PC or laptop and a USB key!

    You need to download these programs and then run in the order listed below

    ATF Cleaner by Atribune.-

    Fix Policies - Http://

    Malwarebytes -

    ComboFix -

    Run ATF cleaner program, select the All option and then click the Empty Selected button,

    when finished, run the Fix Policies,

    unzip and then run the fix_policies.cmd by clicking it,

    a black box will appear and when it closes it is finished.

    Run the Malwarebytes setup, install and then run the full option,

    if it prompts you to reboot to remove files then do it.

    Lastly run combofix,

    it is important you disable all AntiVirus and Anti Spyware programs before running this, some seem to detect this as a virus and will restrict it, it is not a virus.

    Do not mouse click when this is running, with some set ups this will stall the program.

    When it has finished reboot and hopefully you have your PC back under your full control and Virus free.

    If you have a Anti Virus program run a full system scan now.

    If you don't then try this one AVG - or the free edition at

    AVG FREE -

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    Go on a seperate computer and transfer the antivirus setup to the infected computer....

    Here follow these steps to remove malware...

    First run ATF cleaner and select all and empty selected...

    Second get Malwarebytes run it and install their program and do a full scan and remove whatever comes up as a threat.

    Third get some sort of protection such as Kaspersky Internet Security, Comodo, AVG or avast... all great programs for protecting you next time something like this happens.

    If you have any more issues feel free to send me a message.

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    Follow Anthony B's advice. Malwarebytes is an excellent programme. You might consider running SDFix if you are running Windows 2000 or XP. Get it from

    Run it in safe mode and follow the instructions very carefully. Then run Malwarebytes and, if you wish to check that your system is clean, run Hijack This,

    Good luck!

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    I got a terrible virus from IE. totally ruined my computer, it went into the "blue screen of death", which is usually not fixable, but i did it! =D after that little incident, i downloaded Firefox and stopped using IE all together and i have no problems with that its more secure

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    Use Firefox with adblock plus next time around.

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    I would download anti-virus software from another computer and then copy it over to your infected computer and run it.

    A really good free one is AVG anti-virus

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    get carry of the unfastened version of "Avast" that's an antivirus software and run it and additionally get carry of the unfastened version of "Superantispyware" and run it and see if that fixes the matters

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