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What happened to the Mets? How come they have not been going after CC, Burnett, Manny, Tex?

They are moving to a new ballpark and they have tons of $$$$ to spend just like the Yanks and the Sox, so how come they aren't invovlved in any of these FA's (or ex FA's) at all?(other than signing K-Rod and trading for Putz)

I have not heard the Mets involved in going any of these big names. why is that?


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    The Yankees are the only team who spends ridiculously on a free agent for the sake their a free agent. The Mets are big spenders. But they spend more cautious which is wise. Personally, I would have liked them to try Texeira (who just signed with the Yankees) because he's the kind of player who's worth 8 years, but we got Delgado there and too many pitching concerns. Burnett's had arm problems in the past. Expect either the Mets or Red Sox to sign Lowe though. I would have also liked to seen them make a bigger attempt at CC, but this may have compromised their ability to sign K-Rod. Wilpon just lost like 300 million on wall street which he says hasn't effected the team, but it sure wouldn't help him committing 23 million a year to another SP. I'd take Johan over Sabathia any day of the week though because Johan's a seasoned Met now who has a much healthier frame than CC.

    The Mets have made loads of splashes ever since Omar came here in the 04-05 offseason. He signed us Pedro 4 year/53 million and Beltran 7 year/119 million his first year in. Than he traded for Delgado who had 3 year/39 million with an option left. They nearly signed him the year before. They signed Wagner that off-season 4 year/43 million too. In the 06-07 off-season, they did nothing even while knowing Pedro would be out most of the year. The biggest signing they made was an injury prone Alou to replace an injury prone Floyd. So it shouldn't have shock anyone that they'd regress. Than going into '08, they traded for Santana (and got him cheap thanks to the Yankees and Red Sox impatience) and signed him to a 6 year/137.5 million extension. Now they've signed K-Rod 3 year/37 million (which was a lot cheaper than what was expected). They've trade for J.J Putz who'll be paid 5.5 million (with his signing bonus) as a set up man next season. And if they pick up his option for 2010 (they probably will), he'll be paid 9.1 million which is about as expensive of a set-up man you'll see. He traded Chavez (2 million), Heilman (1.2 million), Joe Smith (minimum) and Schoenweis (2 million - Mets pay 1.6 million of his 3.6 million salary) and got back Jeremy Reed (minimum), Sean Green (minimum) so it's really only like they've added 700K before Reed's arbitration case. Heilman was arbitration eligible anyway though.

    What Omar's doing is playing his hand right. He knows that the market is shot right now and he's playing it to his advantage. He's not just going to give into Scott Boras (Oliver Perez and Derek Lowe are his clients) for the sake of giving in. The Yankees, Cubs and Phillies appear out on Lowe, so it's really either the Mets, Red Sox or a suprise team. The Braves and Brewers aren't that interested either. They can work Lowe down to about 3 year/45-50 million. Or Perez 3 year/35-40 million. The Mets have said they would have more aggressively pursued Orlando Hudson (who says he wants to play for the Mets), but unfortunately Luis Castillo stands in the way. They're trying to trade for him. But by the time he's gone Hudson may already be signed some where else. It's true that a lot of money was used on Johan. But Pelfrey and Maine are good pitchers too and will be cheap the next few years. Pelfrey made great progress last season. If the Mets bullpen wasn't so crappy, he would have won 17-18 games the same way how Santana would have won 21-22 games. The Mets shed 30 million on their payroll going into the off-season. Their payroll was 137.4 million on Opening Day in 2008. It went up 12% from 2007. Expect the payroll to go up about another 12% (154 million). The Yankees payroll went down 70 million just in Abreu (16 million), Giambi (26 million), Pettite (16 million) and Mussina (12 million). Signing Texeira (22.5 million), Sabathia (23 million) and Burnett (16.5 million) leaves them at spending 52 million which is still 18 million less than those 4 players. If Pettite accepts their 1 year/10 million offer, it'd be 8 million. So they had the available payroll room in their eyes. According to the Yankees, a 217 million dollar payroll isn't that high even if it's 80 million more than what the Mets spent. The Mets have spent 15 million this off-season and will spend at least 4 million more in arbitration cases with Church, Maine, Feliciano, Sanchez and Reed. The Mets got about 28 million more to spend. They still need a left-handed set up man (one of Beimel, Ohman, D. Reyes, Shouse or Guardado), two starting pitchers (one front-end, one back-end) and a back up middle IF. That should be enough to sign Lowe, sign Ohman, trade for Marquis or sign Redding and re-sign Easley.

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    I still think Manny could wind up with the Yankees. He'd want to get revenge on Boston, and he'd add to a list of great free agents that the Yanks have acquired this offseason. Lowe looks like he'll be a Met. It seems like those two sides are close to a deal, but I'd love to see the Cardinals get him. Since he has Michigan ties (I live in the Great Lakes State), and he's a good pitcher, I've always had respect for him. I'm not really all that sure where Ben Sheets will go. For some reason, I think he'll wind up in Houston. I'm not sure why - I guess it's just a hunch.

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    The Mets made a bad move signing the most overrated player in sports. Yes, K-Rod has no business making that much money. The Mets are looking to close games out. They get a point in a game then fall apart and it seems with in the past two years it has been within the last three innings of a game. K-Rod will get the saves and will help, but the post season is where they need the closer (when the get there) and K-Rod is not a post season closer. Just ask all the Angel fans from last year...

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    They have Santana, their not gonna spend another $150 mil on CC

    They were semi-interested in Burnett, but didn't wanna match the yankees offer

    Manny is still on the market, but they don't need a LF, b/c unlike some teams, their trying to build from their farm system and LF is pretty set, even though some ignorant people think otherwise

    and why would they offer to Teixeira, Delgado is signed for this year after they just picked up his option

    John Garland, Derek Lowe and Ben Sheets are all still on the market as far as pitchers go and the Mets only really need one of them

    EDIT= hahahaha arod's really do say some dumb ****...if they don't get 2 more pitchers they'll finish, really though, thanks for the laugh, i needed that

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    More then anything the Met's needed a setup man and a closer,after losing Wagner it was all downhill they still need pitching but i heard after they paid Santana 125mil "something Met fan's never mention" they don't have the kind of money to spend on starting pitchers,,Gave most of it to Santana,but if they don't get at least 2 more starting pitchers they'll finish 4th in their division.

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    The Mets need a starter but do not like the price that Lowe is asking . If anything , I see them re signing Perez .

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    you jokin smalls they gt the winners of the 2008 AND 2007 rolaids relief award winners evreyone forgets that Putz won in 07 the guy is good

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    yeah im wondering what their deal is.... if Manny isnt a Met soon.. id be shocked. i also want them to go after Lowe and WIGGINGTON! hey you have to admit wigginton has been great at the plate.. stepping in for Carlos Lee when he got injured... not many players were hitting better than him late in the season.

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    They are going after Lowe, a much cheaper but effective starting pitcher.

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