How do you uninstall Spyware Guard 2008?

It keeps popping up saying i have a bunch of virus but i have to buy it to get rid of them. I already have a legit virus scanner and i've ran full scans many times and the virus are gone now. And i can't uninstall it through Add/Remove Programs. I deleted EVERY folder and shortcut i found labeled Spyware Guard 2008. Please someone help me. It's REALLY annoying

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    You need to download these programs and then run in the order listed below

    ATF Cleaner by Atribune.-

    Fix Policies - Http://

    Malwarebytes -

    ComboFix -

    Run ATF cleaner program, select the All option and then click the Empty Selected button,

    when finished, run the Fix Policies,

    unzip and then run the fix_policies.cmd by clicking it,

    a black box will appear and when it closes it is finished.

    Run the Malwarebytes setup, install and then run the full option,

    if it prompts you to reboot to remove files then do it.

    Lastly run combofix,

    it is important you disable all AntiVirus and Anti Spyware programs before running this, some seem to detect this as a virus and will restrict it, it is not a virus.

    Do not mouse click when this is running, with some set ups this will stall the program.

    When it has finished reboot and hopefully you have your PC back under your full control and Virus free.

    If you have a Anti Virus program run a full system scan now.

    If you don't then try this one AVG - or the free edition at

    AVG FREE -

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    Spyware Guard 2008 (SpywareGuard2008) is the one of the more recent malware that has appeared online lately. Spyware Guard 2008 acts as a legitimate antivirus application, but is in actuality a phony malware application. Spyware Guard 2008 detects spyware and other dangerous pc parasites, as a means to coerce users into purchasing the full version of this scamware. The claim is that upon purchasing, the malware will then remove “detected” threats....

    Manual removal instructions to remover Spyware Guard 2008:

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    Spyware Guard 2008 is a rogue software application designed to trick users into buying a fake product by using scare tactics

    How to remove Spyware Guard 2008

    Download and update

    The free versions can detect and remove

    Malwarebytes AntiMalware



    Scan in Safe Mode(press f8 rapidly while booting and select safe mode)

    You may need to use the Norman Malware Cleaner before malwarebytes and superantispyware

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    SpywareGuard 2008 is a spyware air purifier that provides exaggarated comments approximately spyware detections and secure practices unfavorable aspects as a fashion to rigidity you to purchase paid version of this utility. SpywareGuard 2008 is in simple terms an imitation of valid spyware remover. It have not have been given any means to do away with any of reported threats. This badware might nicely be put in manually or in stealth mode, utilising browser secure practices holes or trojan horses. SpywareGuard 2008 might nicely be extremely risky on your privateness and secure practices, we sell to do away with it in the present day. ---- use instruction manual removal instruction manual

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    what a pain those are. jesus christ it seems like everybody has this damn ****. i am truly glad i dont have to deal with that crap. of course the product i use kills spyware gaurd kills antivirus 2009 and all those damn rogue programs.

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