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I am an adult, mature, r competent. My siblings and I are not close. ?

I see no reason for us to be joined at the hip. I have no obligation, nor ties at all with them. We are civil.

I want to go to a different church from the one previously attended. I am a member of no church. I do not want to go to a church where I am an extension of a sibling. This is not said in hostility. Are there laws which say I cannot be a person in my own right with my own life. They have no power over me.

I am a Christian heterosexual, I cannot do anything

because someone seems to think I lack morals,

etc. I have been battling for autonomy, freedom

of religion, in my life since my divorce 23 years ago which came about as a power struggle over me

because I tried to file suits. I ended up out into the street. No one but my Mom and two kids were concerned for my safety. I am ranting against no one.

this is a very puzzling situation to me. I am seeing no psychologist or mental health. I am a Christian as I said. I am celibate until married. I am not planning to

rush into anything. I am trying to regain my health and peace of mind. I have no boyfriends or potential

boy friends. I am not a fool. I care what my grandchildren think of me. However, I am a human and have a right to human relationships, and human

activities. I do not and never did do illegal drugs.I have a right to date, marry, or anything that is legal. Plain old garden variety heterosexual l00 percent female.I have always been that. I tend to be awfully

picky about men. Regardless of what people think.I have no committments to anyone, or anything, and I have committed no, absolutely no crimes, none any where.

I am not able to work outside my home. I am competent,

take care of myself, just made a lot of Christmas gifts for the grandchildren. I do my housework. I study music. I play music. I simply cannot seem to go where I want to go or do anything much at all.


the question is what gives here?

Prior to my divorce, and I was 39,

no one cared a dippity do dah if we lived or died. I have been all over the USA

alone,a nd committed no crimes, nor

acts of prostitution (LOL) nor anything.

What is the deal? I actually feel like

a leper and I do not go around slobbering or drooling on people.

Update 2:

I must take some R and R right now. I over did it for Christmas. To show I am productive only, not to brag, I made the following for Christmas. One knitted child's cardigan, one pair of jeans, two skirts, two aprons, three crocheted hats, one crocheted scarf, one knitted hat and scarf, three gowns and three pairs of pjs, one set of Raggedy Ann and

Andy dolls with clothing. I am not lazy.

I am trying to get back into health. I really am not able to work at present.

I don't know if I ever will be able to.So much abuse and stress is connected with trying to work. I am not a professional seamstress. I would play the piano for almost any group who asked, I play Christian music. I am a fundamentalist Christian. I am not a professional pianist.

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    God made the Sabbath day that man might "get some R and R". That's what we go to church for. It is not a "payment to God". It is not a "payment to others".

    Acts 2:42 tells us the four things the early believers persevered in (persevere implies that it's not easy). There are all kinds of tricks that Satan has used over the years to keep us away from church - don't let him win. The four things include fellowship with other believers, read our bibles, spend time in prayer and take communion at the Lord's table.

    I know you'd like to play piano for a church. That's a way you'd like to "give back", and minister to others. That might or might not be the way God intends for you to do so. Look at all the heroes of the bible. God took them and assigned them something that they themselves thought they could not do. God did great things through them though. Moses, God's spokesperson, stuttered. Gideon, God's warrior was a nobody, and a farmer. King David was a little shepherd boy who played harp. Noah lived in a desert - he was no mariner. Never assume that what YOU think is your place in God's plan is necessarily His place for you.

    What you DO need though is this - Go to church with your family. THAT is the gift that will last, both for them and for you. It is a lie from the world to believe that you are not tied to your family - God wants us to be tied to our family - don't let Satan win. Remind him how his end will come, and don't listen to him when he tries to come between you and your family. You might not be invited to play piano. So what? They might not show joy in seeing you. So what? You go and partake of the Lord's Supper. You go and get what you need to take away from it. And you bring Jesus in you to church.

    There is no perfect church - every congregation is made up of a bunch of sinners who need a savior - that's why we're there. Stop looking for a perfect church. Look for one where your family is. And do your part to be a sister to them. You are a willing giver, be a willing receiver too - accept their support and help.

    God Bless You on this of all days. Don't let Satan win. Receive the greatest Gift that was ever offered to any man. I know you have Christ in your heart - He is your Lord and Savior. He wants us to gather together and remember Him and sing praises to Him today and also on every Sunday..... with our family and friends.

    Don't let Satan win.

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