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How to apply for Unemployment online?

I just want to know how I can apply for unemployment online. I live in New York if it helps. if you know anything about this pleas let me know thank you

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    Go to:

    Below the warning information, go to....

    Login to Unemployment Insurance Benefits Online

    You may file a claim between the hours of 7:30 am to 7:30 pm Monday through Thursday (Eastern Time), Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, all day Saturday, and Sunday until 7:00 pm.

    You may claim benefits for last week between the hours of 7:30 am to midnight Sunday through Saturday.

    What you should have available before you file your claim:

    * Your Social Security number

    * Your New York State driver's license or Motor Vehicle ID card number (if you have either one)

    * Your complete mailing address and zip code

    * Telephone number where we can contact you between 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday

    * Your Alien Registration card number (if you are not a U.S. Citizen and have a card)

    * The names and addresses of all employers for whom you've worked within the last 18 months, including those employers in another state

    * Employer Registration number or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) of your most recent employer (FEIN may be found on your W-2 forms) (if you have either)

    * Your copies of forms SF8 and SF50, if you had federal employment within the last 18 months

    * Your copy of your most recent separation form DD 214, if you are an ex-service member claiming benefits based on your military service

    * If you are unable to print, have a pen and paper available to write down important information

    * If you are choosing to have direct deposit of your weekly benefits, you must have a check handy in order to enter your bank routing and checking account numbers

    If you do not have all of the documents listed above, you may still file a claim. There may be some delay, however, in receiving your first payment.

    You may also file a claim by calling our Telephone Claims Center at 1-888-209-8124 for New York State residents (or 1-877-358-5306 for out of state residents) between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. This is a toll-free call. If you choose to file your claim by phone, an automated voice will offer you the choice of filing in English, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Creole, or "all other languages" (translation services will be provided). Listen to the choices carefully and enter the appropriate number on your telephone's numeric keypad to file a claim. If you have never filed a claim for benefits in New York State, you will be asked to create a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This will be a four-digit number that you must keep confidential.

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