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I need advice for face makeup...?

so, i HATE the feeling of wearing foundation and powder. all of the powder and foundation i have tried leaves my face looking even worse because its too chalky and cakey. but i hate how my face (without makeup) is red and blotchy. i ONLY use drugstore makeup and avon (since my mom sells avon)...because i live no where near mac, sephora, ulta, fred meyer, etc...and department store makeup (clinique, etc) is too expensive for my income. what do you guys suggest?

i have EXTREMELY oily skin and my face gets really greasy and oily, so im not sure about a tinted moisturizer because a lot of the time, moisturizers make my face even more oily!

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    I have oily/combination skin too and here's what I use.

    -Physician Formula's Talc-Free Foundation in Classic Ivory

    -PF's Concealer in Light

    -PF's Mineral Wear Powder in Classic Ivory

    - Olay Moisturizer for Oily/Combination Skin

    Start off with your foundation... mix it with your moisturizer and buff that onto your face with a face brush. (I recommend MAC 187 or Mac 109) You might want to consider buying the MAC heirloom Face Brush Set for starters.

    After you apply your foundation, conceal any spots you have that you want covered. I usually use concealer for my dark circles and any dots here and there I have.

    -Finish off with your Mineral Powder.. It'll help prevent the oil from forming on your face and just gives your face that nice flawless look.

    Also, buy the Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets.. Those will help absorb the oil off your face without messing up your makeup:)

    Good luck!

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    Theres really a lot you could do. There are so many products out there so what I end up doing is starting with the less expensive and trying out a few different ones.The review site is pretty good at visit and read the reviews.

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    Go to and they have some GREAT tips on what make up to buy for oily skin.Believe me I went on there and they are great..hope this helps!

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    try a tinred oil free moisturizers

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