How do I become an exchange student? ?

i'm 15 years old and I want to be a foreign exchange student. i'm from canada. how would I do this? is it really expensive? also, what's it like? do you think it's worth it? what would be a good place to go?


umm do I have to trade with someone?

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    Hi there!

    Congrats on wanting to become an exchange student! It's a great experience. Since I've been hosting and repping exchange students for over 14 years now, I can answer your questions with a bit of authority. (Please be aware of those up here who have been plagiarizing my answers lately -- but not getting the info quite right.)

    First, the organizations:

    The top three organizations (of the hundreds out there) are AFS, YFU and Rotary. Here are their websites:

    All three offer full year programs. Rotary is the cheapest, but most competitive. Except for Rotary (which is more need based) being an exchange student IS expensive. For a year, about $8,000 - $10,000 US depending upon your program.

    It is definitely worth it! Not only will you learn a new language, you'll become more independent and colleges and universities love former exchange students. In the US, many offer preferred admissions and/or scholarships.

    As to where you would like to go, that really depends upon your interests and reasons for going. If you are an English (or French) speaker, I don't recommend English or French speaking countries - you lose the benefit of language immersion. However, if you want to explore your cultural roots -- that's a good reason to pick a country. If you want to learn about a new culture -- that's also a good reason. Most organizations are going to ask you to pick three choices.

    For more info -- this site has a lot of help!

    Finally, no you do not have to exchange. That doesn't really happen any more.

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    Well, you have to contact a student exchange program... AFS, YFU, and Rotary are some of the best ones.

    It can be a bit expensive... For AFS, since you live in Canada, you will have to fundraise about 5,000 dollars (but your parents can just pay it if you want). There are a lot of scholarships too. Including the fundraising it is about 10,000 dollars.

    With Rotary, it is a lot cheaper. Like mayb 3,000 dollars... It is harder to get into, a bit stricter than AFS, and more competitive... but it is cheaper...

    I haven't gone yet (I leave in July! :)) but it is supposed to be AWESOME! You may (depending on where you go) get to learn a new language, make life long friends, and it looks good for colleges...

    It is worth it... yes you will miss your friends and family, but this is possibly a once in a lifetime chance, and knowing another language will help you in the long run.

    A good place to go? Well that is up to you. A lot of people go to Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Austailia, and NZ. If 'you are interested in somehwere more "off the beaten path": then you could try somewhere in s. america or china or eastern europe... i think the czech republic or hungary or belgium would be really cool!

    and no, you don't have to trade with someone. except maybe wiht rotary, some rotary districts make your family host a student while you are gone.

    good luck

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    No you don't have to trade, but some exchange programs would like you to. Look up for some exchange programs. Some good ones I know is AFS, YFU, Rotary(it's the cheapest). Yes, it's really expensive but you can fundraise, sign up for scholarships, financial aid, etc. Personally I think it's worth going because it's a really life changing experience.

    By the way I, myself is about to go on an exchange with AFS to Japan in 2 months!

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    Your first-class guess is to uncover a tuition that has a well trade software and I advocate that you simply pass overseas to your sophomore or junior yr of tuition. Some schools truthfully require that from what I recall. This means you get plenty of your middle categories out of the best way.

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    You have to convince someone to trade with you... Noone wants to go to Canada (you are trying to leave...) so you'll have to trade with Madagascar or Columbia.

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