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How does one fight in Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution? Is is like attacking a castle? ?

pleass elaborate on how to fight. Ive always pictured it like attacking a castle in stronghold crusader.

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    the sid muyer games are basically rock paper sicors based- - in a very broke down fasion.

    revolution you will get a red circle over a city or troop you want to attack. then it takes into acount things such as -- are oyu on a hill, fighting across a stream, is your troop vetran, is thier a general with them, and adds this into the base atttack.

    It then does the same thing for the defender and you get a number you will see.



    10 for you 20 for them (defence) but you can still win because randomness is thrown in and it calculates the odds (i know its not exact but it is basically you ahv ea 33.333 percent chance to win.

    after you click it basically does the fighting for you. its a game of strategy, learning technologies faster, growing cities faster, attacking other players quickly and making gold and troops.

    its a verry detailed game of chess.

    I cant stop playing it sicne release.

    I asume you ahv a xbox or ps3 i believe on both you can download the demo. it is an exact copy of the game but extremely short.

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