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what bands do you think have left their mark in history for this generation? ?

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    There have been lots of bands which have played real music and left solid marks on history. For example, small groups of the 1930s and 1940s:

    Oscar Aleman's Small Groups

    Henry "Red" Allen

    Albert Ammons And His Rhythm Kings

    Mildred Baily And Her Orchestra*

    Buster Bailey And His Rhythm Busters

    Paul Bacomb

    Barney Bigard And His Jazzopaters

    Bunny Berigan And His Boys

    Chu Berry And His Jazz Ensemble

    Joe Bushkin

    Al Casey / Sid Catlett Quartet

    Sidney Catlett

    Cats And The Fiddle

    Cozy Cole All Stars

    Nat "King" Cole Trio

    Al Cooper & His Savoy Sultans

    Delta Rhythm Boys

    Fats Domino

    Duke Ellington's Small Groups

    Panama Francis All Stars

    Bud Freeman Trio

    Slim Gaillard & Slam Stewart

    Harry The Hipster Gibson

    Benny Goodman Trios, Quartets, Sextets

    Stephane Grappelly

    Tiny Grimes And His Sextette

    Edmund Hall Sextet

    Lionel Hampton's All Star Groups

    Wynonie Harris

    Coleman Hawkins & His Sax Ensemble

    J.C. Heard Quintet

    Woody Herman's Woodchoppers

    Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra*

    Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra*

    Hoosier Hot Shots

    Camille Howard

    Clyde Hurley And His Orchestra*

    Bull Moose Jackson

    Chubby Jackson And His Rhythm

    Illinois Jacquet

    Harry James' Boogie Woogie Trio

    Pete Johnson All Stars

    Betty Hall Jones

    Jonah Jones And His Orchestra

    Spike Jones And His City Slickers

    Louis Jordan And His Tympanny Five

    Kansas City 6 And 7

    John Kirby Sextet

    Manny Klein All Stars

    Billy Kyle And His Swing Band

    Eddie Lang

    Bernie Leighton Quartet

    Joe Liggins And The Honeydrippers

    Harlan Leonard And His Rockets

    Meade Lux Lewis

    Joe Marsala And His Delta Four

    Jack McVea All Stars

    Metronome All Stars

    Amos Milburn

    Mills Brothers

    Roy Milton And His Solid Senders

    Joe Mooney Quartet

    Joe Morris

    Ted Nash Quintet

    Frankie Newton

    Red Norvo's All Star Sextet

    Les Paul Trio

    Port Of Harlem Jazzmen

    Louis Prima And His New Orleans Gang

    Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France

    Sugar Chile Robinson

    Artie Shaw's Gramercy Five

    Rex Stewart And His Orchestra*

    Bobby Smith

    Suff Smith And His Onyx Club Boys

    Maxine Sullivan

    Jess Stacey

    Ten Cats And A Mouse

    Charlie Ventura Quartet

    Fats Waller And His Rhythm

    Cootie Williams And His Rugcutters

    Midge Williams And Her Jazzjesters

    Teddy Wilson And His Orchestra

    Lester Young Trio And Quartet

    I suggest that you search the internet with key words such as “Dance Bands of the 1930s and 1940s” and you will pull up more information and references than you will ever work your way through.

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    For a band leaving their mark on history, how could anyone not mention John Philip Sousa. He will always be musical history in the U.S. Inspiring and patriotic for all generations.

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  • Tenacious D!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you mean bands that are enjoying their peak now, it's still much too early to tell. However, if what you mean by generation is the X/Y generation, then here are a few I think have left an indelible mark:

    1) Metallica. They are the definition of hard rock/metal and are seen as "the band" radio program directors, concert promoters and record executives. The harder edged stuff of today derives in one way or another from these guys and 20-some years later, they still rule the roost. They are the Led Zeppelin of this generation. They are the hard rock Beatles. In the battle royal of bands out there, they outlasted every one. Therefore, Metallica is due the respect accorded to them by the industry. I find it truly amazing that they started this decade off with the Napster public relations fiasco and their near break-up. They then release but two albums in which they weren't really trying, yet still they rocked the charts. The only music from 2008 that rock radio played was the stuff from their Death Magnetic CD, which took over the album charts for the first month of its release to go platinum. This is a testament to their greatness.

    2) U2. Speaking of bands that have stood the test of time to influence an entire generation of musicians, these same four micks are still going after all these years. Just as Metallica straddled the line between Metal and arena rock, U2 did alternative and pop. They still have number one albums and songs over two decades after first coming onto the scene, much like Metallica. Just as the alt-metal/neo-thrash of bands like Disturbed, System of a Down, Godsmack, etc. that became popular during this decade reflected Metallica's lasting imprint, the radio friendly alternative of Coldplay, One Republic and the Fray reflects U2's. Pretentious and preening politics aside, U2 is the big bad daddy of Top 40 pop rock bands.

    3) Nirvana. For better or worse, this is the band that became "emblematic" of a generation (to music journalists anyway). Granted, while Cobain was alive, grunge was seen as a passing fad rather than a symbol of some radical generational shift. However, after he killed himself in April of 1994, alternative music was now somehow much more deeper than we had originally noticed. Nirvana wasn't around for long, but their music did set the tone for what followed on MTV during the mid-90s. There are still traces of Nirvana that we can't clean away as the Foo Fighters just don't seem to want to die!

    4) Guns N' Roses. The last Rock N' Roll band. The last time a rock band dominated pop was during the early 90's when these Hollywood bad boys ruled the world. They were bigger than life and ready to rock a football stadium near you. You bought their albums and made their songs number one regardless of which group you hung out with in school. After them, the deluge! The music industry has become so fragmented and splintered (especially the rock scene) since those days. I don't know if a rock band can ever pull something off like this ever again! However, those glory days in the late 80's and early 90's of Rock N' Roll's last hurrah make GN'R an historic band, important to their generation.

    5) Korn. Ironically, it took some dorky kids from Bakersfield dressed up like Snoop Doggy Dog to bring metal back to the mainstream. Sure, it wasn't your older brother's metal with devil horns and guitar solos. However, it was heavy, dark, angry and ready to kick some *** nonetheless. It also signified white America raising the white flag to hip-hop as well. The melding of these two forms of music was inevitable. Granted, Korn wasn't anywhere near the first to do this. However, this was the band that saw everyone who followed do the same. When the Chili Peppers did it, it was seen as gimmicky. When Korn did it, Nu-Metal became a genre.

    6) Green Day. When parochial "underground" punks disowned the Bay Area power trio as sell-outs for taking "their" music and selling it at the mall, Green Day embraced the oft-neglected mall rats with some form of disposable income and a synergy was formed. Now, thirteen-year-old mall punks are the norm at the Galleria and your little cousin knows all the words to 'American Idiot'. Top 40 radio plays Blink 182, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World, etc. and Hot Topic became a "pertinent subject" thanks to Green Day. Metallica might have introduced you to hard rock and Nirvana might have brought alternative to your attention, but Green Day introduced the electric guitar to your little sister! If plastic cyber-punk doesn't define this generation, I don't know what does!

    7) Outkast. Do you mean to tell me that hip-hop can take the big prize at the Grammys after all? Outkast finally brought total mainstream acceptance to hip hop with their ambitious Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. It got white sorority girls with preachers for daddies in North Carolina to perform drunken strip teases with their evangelical Christian girlfriends on the bar. It also got tattooed and 000 gauge-pierced artsy-fartsy Rolling Stone subscribers to sing along to a chorus that went "Hey Ya" while stoned out of their gourd. Notably, it got geriatric sound engineers and industry insiders to finally concede that hip hop was the new American musical art form and award them the Grammy for best album. Outkast ushered in Kanye West's award show spectacles and the double albums from T.I./T.I.P. Talk about generational importance!

    8) The question asked which "band". This last number will be dedicated to solo artists. Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and Eminem. Notorious B.I.G. was supposed to be the comedic novelty act in Puffy's Bad Boy Record empire. The star of the show was supposed to look the part. Fortunately for Biggie, he "had more mack than Craig" and took the spotlight not only from his label mate, but from the West Coast G-Funk that had begun to dominate hip-hop during Clinton's first term in office. Tupac was a one-note rapper on Death Row's B-squad. A failed actor and not a real gangsta. After all, Snoop was the Dog Father and Tupac was his puppy. However, when he died in Vegas on Friday the 13th of Sept. in 1996, he became the icon. Shakur is an industry in and of itself. He has everyone from 50 Cent to Ja Rule trying to pass themselves off as his clone. The early 90's taught us two things white guys can't do. Woody Harrelson made a case for "jump", and Vanilla Ice proved "rap". That all changed when Dr. Dre introduced his latest protege after leaving Death Row. Eminem was the biggest act of this decade whether you like it or not. When you think of 2000-2004, there can be only one act you think of: Slim Shady. He is definitive of a generation, therefore his mark must receive recognition. And with the last sentence, though it pains me to say it, I pay due to Britney Spears for finally providing a replacement for Madonna as "Top Pop Tart".

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