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Islam and Christianity, the world's two largest Divine religions, have many beliefs in common, such as God's (Allah) absolute existence, His eternal existence, His creation of the universe from nothing, and His control of all matter through His infinite might. Muslims and Christians oppose the same intellectual errors; struggle against atheism, racism, fascism, and moral degeneration; and use very similar methods to communicate the message of God's existence. Their common aim is to help all people know God (Allah) so that they can build a world full of justice, one in which they can live in peace and tolerance. They act out of fear, respect, and love for God; follow the path of His messengers, and abide by His revelation.

I strongly recommended you to look at this dialogue between Christians and Muslims which will enlighten you about the TRUTH. You can download this dialogue at this link:

Muslim_ Christian Dialogue(Videos):


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    The Catholic Church teaches, "The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day."

    "It is my ardent hope that Muslim and Christian religious leaders and teachers will present our two great religious communities as communities in respectful dialogue, never more as communities in conflict."

    -- Pope John Paul II, Meeting with Muslim Leaders in Omayyad Great Mosque, Damascus, May 6, 2001.

    Christians and Muslims, following their respective religions, point to the truth of the sacred character and dignity of the person. This is the basis of our mutual respect and esteem, this is the basis for cooperation in the service of peace between nations and peoples, the dearest wish of all believers and all people of good will.

    As an illustration of the fraternal respect with which Christians and Muslims can work together, I would like to quote some words addressed by Pope Gregory VII in 1076 to a Muslim prince in North Africa who had acted with great benevolence towards the Christians under his jurisdiction. Pope Gregory spoke of the particular charity that Christians and Muslims owe to one another “because we believe in one God, albeit in a different manner, and because we praise him and worship him every day as the Creator and Ruler of the world.”

    -- Pope Benedict XVI, Meeting with the President of the Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate in Ankara, Turkey, November 28, 2006.

    Dialogue are already taking place all over the world. Just in the United States there is the

    - Midwest Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims

    - Mid-Atlantic Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims

    - West Coast Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims

    For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 841: and

    With love in Christ.

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    Christians are followers of Isa/Jesus. because the Qur’an cautioned Isa, honest Muslims ought to learn Isa’s teachings and stick with them (Surah 3:40 8-40 9; 5:40 six). What does the Qur’an say about Isa? Allah despatched Isa, helping Him with the Holy Spirit (Surah 2:87) Allah exalted Isa (Surah 2:253) Isa develop into righteous and sinless (Surah 3:40 six; 6:eighty 5; 19:19) Isa develop into raised from the useless (Surah 19:33-34) Allah commanded Isa to verify a faith (Surah 40 2:13) Isa ascended into heaven (Surah 4:157-158) Isa’s teachings were recorded by His disciples contained in the Injeel (Gospel). Surah 5:111 states that the disciples were inspired by Allah to believe in Isa and His message. As Allah’s helpers (Surah sixty one:6, 14), Isa’s disciples may have appropriately recorded His practise. The Qur’an instructs Muslims to uphold and obey both the Torah and the Gospels (Surah 5:40 4-40 8). Muhammad shouldn't have on condition that practise if the Gospels were corrupted. hence, the copies of the Gospels in Muhammad’s time were honest and precise. There are copies of the Gospels that precede Muhammad’s time by 450 years. at the same time as comparing the most historic copies, the copies from Muhammad’s time, and the copies dated after Muhammad’s time, all the copies of the Gospels are consistent of their testimony of Jesus and His practise. No info can tutor that the Gospels were corrupted. hence, all of Jesus’ teachings are preserved appropriately contained in the Bible. Jesus’ existence, lack of life, and resurrection understanding the Gospels are genuine, what do they practice about Jesus? The Gospels list that Jesus foretold His existence’s artwork: He reported He may be crucified, killed, and raised from the useless (Matthew 20:19). The Gospels list this happening precisely as Jesus expected (Matthew 27-28; Mark 15-16; Luke 23-24; John 19-21). Why may the sinless Jesus enable Himself to be finished? He reported that there's no more beneficial love than to sacrifice your existence on your individuals (John 15:13). Why may God enable His prophet to be mistreated and killed? John 3:16 says that He loved us sufficient to deliver Jesus to be a sacrifice for us. Jesus sacrificed for our sin Why can we want Jesus to sacrifice His existence for us? it really is the most important distinction between Islam and Christianity. Islam teaches that Allah judges us according to even if our sturdy deeds outweigh our undesirable deeds. in spite of if it were accessible to out

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    Jesus, PBUH, is a Prophet

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    Jesus IS God!! BOO-YAH!! <')))><

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