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is this true with security disability benefits?

Ok I been approved for ssd oct. 28th didn't receive my money yet my lump sum nor my monthly check but I recently been married on dec. 1st I know my husband can't get none of my money because the check is in my name but is it true that what he works will affect the payment that I get I read that the maximun money you can make is 940 monthly as a single person...does that go for the household also if your married? How can this be so im disabled not my husband if im getting 600 monthly which is I think the minimum and he makes 400 or more a month then how will we live off of that because its already exceeding the household money we are abole to make just because of my disability how can we pay rent and live with just that? Is this true? If not how does it work when your married?

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    go to

    look for your answers there under ssd

    its a good place to get the facts

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    No, this is not true! I am also disabled and awaiting my meeting with a SS judge to determine whether or not I can get my benefits which I am confident I will receive as I have 3 statements from very reliable Dr's 1 being The world famous Mayo Clinic in Minn. another being a Well renown Psychiatrist and the other being my Family Dr. among many others saying I will never be able to work again due to the fact I am losing my sight, cannot drive have 2 brain tumors and numerous other ailments too many to mention. But when awarded my benefits I will receive my back pay and my monthly income will be $1146.00. This $646.00 for me and $500.00 for my husband because I am disabled and cannot work and he has the total burden if supporting us both. He does work and SS knows this and he brings home more than $400.00 a month. So don't worry Sweetie and check your facts further with SS before You get so upset. Being disabled is enough of a worry. I know this because I am with you in that respect and sometime feel so worthless myself. Please take Care and Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours!

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