Essential Oils... scalp formula?

I was researching answers to "hair growth", and in one answer, someone mentioned "essential oils scalp formulas" was the best remedy for hair loss... what exactaly are/is essential oils... can anyone give me the 411 on them - what they are, where I can get them, if that is true, if it is actually just an oil - like lavender, or if each oil is used for something particular, or if its a formulation of oils for a scalp treatment, is it done at a salon/spa, all that stuff, ect. Thanks!

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    Essential oils are the volatile oils extracted from plants; they are what carries the aroma in plants. They can be either steam distilled or cold pressed (depending on the plant) and are 100% natural. Although some essential oils hold the same properties, each oil has a different use.

    You can get them either at a health food store or online. Some other shops may carry essential oils, but health food stores most commonly carry them. They are concentrated, and come in small bottles, usually around 1/2oz.

    A "scalp formula" oil would be just a blend of essential oils in a carrier oil - when you use essential oils you always dilute them first. A carrier oil is a plant base oil such as olive, almond or jojoba.

    You can do a scalp treatment at home. You would mix the essential oils with a carrier oil, and use your fingertips to massage it into your scalp. You use 15-20drops of essential oils to 1oz carrier oil. For the scalp oil, you'd only use a teaspoonful at the most for each scalp massage. Less if you do it daily.

    Rosemary essential oil is commonly used to unclog hair follicles and promote hair growth. Jojoba (carrier) oil is also commonly used for the same reasons. You could try a combination of the two. You can find jojoba probably wherever you end up finding your essential oils.

    These websites are good if you want to find more information: (<- they don't sell products - a site not trying to sell you something will give you less biased information) (<-A.G.O.R.A. - Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives - it's a collection of information from different sources)

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