immigration to Canada?

I am currently in Montreal, Quebec on a work permit, i have been in Montreal one month now. i want to apply for immigration, which is the correct form to apply for immigration to quebec as a skilled civil engineer? and to which address should i send the application? Please help me.

Many thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    just google Canada immigration and it will take you to the govt website for immigration..the website ends like or something like that, and all the rules are laid out as to how to go about applying to Canada as a skilled worker immigrant. the website will tell you which paperwork you need and where to send it.

    im not sure about this, but i heard from friends that actually applying to Montreal is actually more harder than applying generally to all of Canada. I heard Quebecers are very crabby about who they let in their province and actually require you have more points than you need if you were to apply to Canada generally. so you may want to look into to that. if you dont specify a province the govt will by default assume you want to apply to Toronto.

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