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Do people actually think intelligence and the grammar subject are the same?

Intelligence is not memory retaining!, Intelligence is quickness of mind, quick inter-connected ideation, grammar means **** all to intelligence. grammar is information, information is wisdom, wisdom and intelligence have different meanings yes!, otherwise why the **** did some whitey once upon a time create 2 different words that mean the same thing duh. **** means you!. **** means him? dont make sense to me

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    Wisdom is not the same as intelligence, agreed.

    The vast majority of languages around the world have more than one word for the same meaning, so your racist comment is incorrect.

    English has developed over millennia from many, many base languages. That is why you will find many synonyms in English, and why its grammar does not always follow a logical pattern.

    The ability to speak fluently and in a way which will be understood by others is essential in human society. The purpose of grammar is to ensure that others understand what you are saying: all others, not just those within your own particular 'clique'.

    If you do not speak and write grammatically then others are less likely to understand you, and therefore less likely to perceive you as intelligent. An intelligent person (however you define this) recognises the importance of, and values, clear communication between humans.

    There is no value in being wise if you cannot communicate your wisdom to others in an efficient and comprehensible manner.

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