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Penn State or University of Maryland?

WHich do you guys think is a better school? I have read the rankings and the stats.. but they are very contradictive. UMD seems to have higher GPA and SAT averages on college board. but Penn is ranked about 3 or so higher than Maryland by U.S. News. I understand it may depend on majors and stuff but.. academically.. which is better.. which one should you be more proud of attending? ALso.. if you would like to tack on.. which honors programs is harder to get into? which is harder to get scholarships from? etc.

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    Having seen both campuses, I would choose Maryland. The campus is more attractive and doesn't feel as congested as Penn State. The climate is better with less winter weather and snow than Penn State. Maryland is also on the edge of Washington, D.C., which has lots of internships and part-time job possibilities in your major field. Penn State is in the middle of freaking nowhere, so you're pretty isolated from work experiences that might enhance your resume. A lot depends on what you plan to study and whether you are in state for one of these schools.

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    Penn State

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