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幫忙翻譯 拜託囉 急!!




由統計分析的結果分二個部份來探討,第一部份為消費者期望洛可可風格,及C形、S形、漩渦形等曲線為造形的裝飾效果,帶有華麗以及輕巧和精緻;第二部份為設計哪些家電,經由問卷得知前三名為飲水機、小冰箱、電鍋並且要以系列性的方式呈現;另外本研究亦考慮感性工學,將人們所具有之感性加以量化呈現。並將這些要素融合本研究的產品設計中,結合後並使用Pro ENGINEER WILDFIRE 4.0軟體繪製其設計出產品樣本。


關鍵詞: 系列性、產品外觀設計、廚房家電


翻譯成英文 格式不限

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    This research is mainly a design which probes into the electrical home appliances appearance form of the kitchen, and come out by way of series, in addition the appearance has merged the perceptual engineering and style of setting up products.

    This research finds out about consumer's satisfaction and expectation to the electrical home appliances appearance of the kitchen by way of granting the questionnaire, interviewees have it in all by 204.The statistical analysis according to the result tested, the project that the electrical home appliances appearance of the kitchen needs changing and products style that the hope mould that understand.

    Divided into two parts the discussion by the result of statistical analysis, the first part expects the cocoa style of Lip river for consumers, and such curves as the C, S, swirl shape,etc. Dr.eye: are an ornament result of the shaping, magnificent and light and handy and exquisite; Which electrical home appliances is the second part in order to design, appear by way of series via the questionnaire learn the top three drinking machine, mini-bar, electric cooker and want; This research also considers the perceptual engineering, present the perceptual quantization that people have in addition.And merge these key elements in the product design of this research, and use Pro ENGINEER WILDFIRE 4.0 software to draw it to design product sample after combining.

    Secondly, collect the kitchen electrical home appliances on the market, designing this research again, the kitchen electrical home appliances finished are compared, and then via asking for the second time the curly hair is put, analyse the image investigation results of 90 interviewees, learn three samples: It accords with magnificent, the feel and unique characteristic with the electric cooker products that drinking machine products, mini-bar are produced, it is not ideal to be although slick and sly and light and handy, there is good achievement.

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    Keyword: Series, products appearance design, electrical home appliances of the kitchen

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    The purpose of this study was to explore the shape of the kitchen appliance Appearance design, and a series of ways, In addition to the appearance of the emotional integration of engineering and product style. .

    The purpose of this study in order to release the questionnaire for consumers to understand the way the kitchen appliance Appearance aspects of satisfaction as well as the expectations of the respondents to a total of 204. According to the results of the test statistical analysis to find out the kitchen appliance Appearance need to be changed, as well as the project hope to shape the style of products.

    By statistical analysis of the results of two hours to explore some of the first part of consumer expectations for the Rococo style, and the C-shaped, S-shaped, whirlpool-shaped curve, and so on to form the decorative effect, as well as with gorgeous light and delicate; The second part of the design for household appliances which, through a questionnaire that the top three for drinking fountains, small refrigerators, electric rice cooker and to a series of ways; In addition to this study also examines the emotional engineering, people will have to be on the emotional Quantify the show. And the integration of these elements of the design of this study, the combination and the use of Pro ENGINEER WILDFIRE 4.0 rendering software to design its product samples.

    Second, the collection of kitchen appliances on the market, and then complete the design of this study compared the kitchen appliance, then issued a second questionnaire, analysis of the 90 respondents of the survey image, that three samples: drinking fountains, Small electric rice cooker and refrigerator production line with the product is gorgeous, texture and unique features, sleek and lightweight, although less than ideal, but there is still good.

    Key words: family, product design, kitchen appliances

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