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What are some ways to get in trouble at school?

What are some ways to get in trouble at school? Other than talk all the time. Thanks.

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    some lol's my friends get daily include: spelling the word really ******* slow, saying stuff really load and unnecessary things ( SO DAP BEP, NOM NOM NOM, and others lol) this question can have so many answers so idk what u want to hear, basically anything fun teachers usually don't like.

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    Well usually it depends on what school you go to, but if you're considering trying to get into trouble (which wouldn't be very smart...) I guess you could.......... tell a teacher you don't like so much off about how unfair he is in front of the class.

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    Bully others

    Make fun of the principal, teachers,

    Do pranks like light fireworks at schoo



    Don't do that it's not right but if you want to here are suggestions

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    Plagiarize a term paper.

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    Egg the principal's car while he's watching.

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    light up a cigarette in the middle of class.

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    ummm dont.

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