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Is instigating a fight worth it?

Okay, we all know that when one of your players gets hit, EVEN if it's a clean hit, you have to stand for him.

Well in tonight's game in Anaheim vs. Vancouver,

Dary Hordichuk hit Todd Marchant with a clean hit, and George Parros immediately jumps in and starts fighting with Hordichuk. Although both were given Fighting Majors, Parros was given an extra 2 minutes for Instigating the fight. And during the stint in the box, the Canucks scored on the powerplay. So is it actually worth it to stand up for a teammate and get an instigator, and risk a chance that the other team might score?

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    Actually, in the case you cited, Parros was given 4 minutes roughing, Hordichuk 2 minutes roughing but I get your point.

    I agree that there have been too many instances this season where enforcers are jumping to the defense of players who were hit cleanly. An Example is Scott Hartnell's hit on Rod Brind'Amour a few weeks ago. It was not an especially big hit although Brind'Amour landed on his rear end. Casey Borer was on the ice and immediately started a fight with Hartnell. (And took a beat down from Hartnell!)

    In this particular case, I think the retaliation was a little bit more justified. Marchant gives up about 40 lbs and several inches size wise but I still don't see any issues with the hit delivered by Hordichuk. Parros is there to protect players such as Marchant and the players are not in a position where they can watch a replay then decide whether it was worthy of retaliation. They may not get another opportunity.

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    In that case no b/c it was a clean hit. Parros really didn't have a reason to fight.He needs to learn to pick his battles better than that. edit.. He could've just as easily laid a big hit on him instead. He's done it before.

    w/the way the Ducks got pims last night the pk unit was gassed. Too many pims = Ducks lose

    Most of the time it's well worth it to send a message to the other team.

    Source(s): the instigator rule needs to go!
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    It really depends. If you think the guy was making a deliberate attempt to injure the guy (even with a clean hit) then I would instigate the fight.

    If this is not the case, then hitting is just a part of hockey, and I would let it go. 2 minutes and possibly a game misconduct (referee's discretion) is not worth the 'message' you are putting across.

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    Wow, whaty a bunch of cowardly answers for this one. Even if its a clean hit, you need to stand up for your players. You dont have to throw down all the time, but you need to get in the guys grill to let him know you wont tolerate it. Its a mental game, and you cant pl;ay it like a mental midget. Thr penalty killers need to do their job, just like Parros did his. Unfortunatly, sometimes doing your job gets you burned....

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    This is my opinion, but I think it is. It can get your team into the game if they feel that they're falling asleep out there. It also shows that the teammates stick up for each other and are out there to help one another.

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    Well, the instigator rule needs to go. Dumb rule, encourages turtleing and dirty behavior. But often, it is worth it, depends on the two teams playing and each unique situation.

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    you'll change and notice the difference once you grow up or get ya A$$ whipped a couple of times

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    Yes... Great way to shift momentum and get your team fired up and get the other team angry.

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    Yes, just to prove how hardcore you are at life.

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