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Now many other countries are also asking for a bailout,did the US set a bad example?

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    Everyone and his wife is claiming disaster. It's a joke and all these companies should be censured and monies returned. Taxpayers all over the world are being robbed!

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  • daisy
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    This is a global recession, not just the US. As any leader could figure out, large companies employing millions of people need to be helped, via bailouts, to try to divert a disastrous depression.

    Every country knows this, and acts according to their situation. Absolutely nobody likes this. We the people of all countries feel that we are left to struggle with bankruptcies, while gazillions are given to corporations who have caused the entire mess to begin with.

    Due to global trade in imports-exports, the economic

    hardships would cause a boomerang effect worldwide. So, no. We are doing all that we can to try to avert this. Like it or not.

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