Need feedback on names?(QUICK HOPEFULLY!)?

I am writing a story about a fifteen year-old beautiful country girl who is sent to a British Boarding school. She is petite, dark blonde, the picturesque country girl, basically. Taking and idea from one answer on a previous question, I think her name should be something not usual in england and it should be spelled diifferently. Names I came accross were Hali, Leila, Kailani, Lamia, Rihannon, Sabrina, Magnolia, Kelli, Layla, Bianca, Kenna, Lynsey, Gabi, Luna, Ciara, and Chelsie. Feel free to spell them differently, but not traditionally. I don't really want any new name suggestions, unless they are really good. Also, could you pair your favorite name with a common last name, such as Lewis, John, Andrew, Cuttler, Davis, etc. (i'll let you guys pick whatever you want for that one)


Oh yeah thnxx in advance! :)

Update 2:

My dad officially likes Kelli Johnson the best!!! (just sayin")

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    Uh, fast.....Luna Davis

    Bianca Cuttler

    Layla Andrews

    Kelli Johnson

    Hali Smith

    Mongolia Cuttler

    Kenna Davis

    Sabrina Johnson

    Leila Cuttler

    Rhiannon Winston(sorry, mind spurt)

    Gabi Andrews

    Lindsi Matthew

    Ciara Winston

    Kailana Turnerson (I dont know either..)

    Source(s): Uh, mind spurt
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    There is a girl in my class named Rhiannon. It's such a lovely name. Rhiannon Andrew sounds nice.

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  • I like Lamia the best personally, it reminds me of the fantasy city Lamia from Ella Enchanted. :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like Sabrina the best out of your list

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    For best results go to name meaning websites and find the name you love with the meaning you love!

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    none of those names sound like a "country girl"...i'm going to have to agree with dad...nothing too flashy, let her character speak for every name others suggested is just downright goofy...good luck

  • i lik chelsi, linsey, and Hali

    for last names perhaps Benedict, Burton, Kohl

    good luck hope this helped

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    1 decade ago

    How about Miley it rhymes with your names.

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