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what is the total amount with tax if the local sales tax is 7.75% and the total amount is $67.96? ?

I need to know how to find tax! The local tax in my place is 7.75% and my total amount is $67.96? Please help! Fast! I need the calculation not just the answer!

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  • rtfm
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    WHY do so many people need to come to Yahoo Answers to ask how to calculate percents? Aren't they teaching this stuff in fourth grade any more??

    Anyway. To find a percent: Change the percent to a decimal and multiply.

    So your tax will be 67.96 times 0.0775.

    (Or if you want to know the total including tax, then multiply 67.96 times 1.0775.)

    Oh, and the computer you're typing this question on probably has a calculator function. So does your cell phone, I'll bet.

  • mule
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    Depends on what is the taxable amount. If $67.96 is the total amount including the tax, the computation is as follows:

    $67.96/1.0775 = $63.07 taxable amount

    63.07 x .0775 = 4.89 tax

    63.07 + 4.89 tax (63.07x7.75%) = $67.96 Total Amount, including tax.

    However, if $67.96 is the taxable amount, I am wondering (as others) why a person who is old enough to run a computer would not know how to do this themselves (taxable amount times the tax rate = amount of tax)???

  • Smokey
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    LOL. I agree with rtfm. What are they teaching in schools today?

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