Drive programs similar to Toys for Tots?

I need help brainstorming for a research topic I'm going to be working on for the next semester. The research involves social services and I'm interested in examining social drives like "toys for tots," food banks, and the infamous "prom dress drive" as potential case studies. I can't base my research on only three types of programs, so I thought polling you guys will help expand my knowledge of other drives out there.

Can you help me out?

I'm looking specifically for programs that involve community drives and distribution back into the general public free of charge.



Oh, I just thought of another. Coat Drives, so that's one more now.

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    Perhaps you could look at this type of thing in different geographic areas. Not specifically "Toys for Tots," since that's a Marine Corps program and likely more uniform (YSPTE) nationwide. I was thinking more like the local Social Services drive for holiday gifts for poor families, or coat drives in St. Louis vs. Raleigh, NC. "Angel Trees" are one variation of this. Sometimes they are for participants in particular programs (e.g. children in foster care) and sometimes they are more general.

    A couple of other programs I know of: Soroptomist International collects business clothes and distributes them to job seekers and people just starting out in jobs. That may be a local thing (I'm in Raleigh, NC) There's also America's Second Harvest, which is connected to some food banks and in my area also to something called the "Interfaith Food Shuttle." CROP walks also come to mind.

    If you wanted to take a historical perspective, you could look at the penny drives held to raise money for (IIRC) the Statue of Liberty's pedestal or other such causes. You could possibly compare a community drive with a religious program for the same type of thing.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): I've been a social worker for over 20 years and seen and participated in many of these.
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