A little help with my hw please? Thanks!!!!!?

I'm no basketball expert? a lil help?

1) What is the infraction of the rules resulting in loss of possession or awarding of one or more free throws?

2) What is the half of the court nearest a team's basket called?

3) What is this called: Putting the ball in play by tossing it between 2 players.

4) What is this called: Moving the feet in any direction while holding the ball.

5) What is the team in possession of the ball called?

6) What is this called: Infraction of the rules which results in loss of possession and a

throw-in from out of bounds.

7) A ball that bounces off the backboard and/or basket is called..??

8) What is the team not in possession of the ball called?

9) What is this called: Pass made to a teammate who scores.

10) What is this called: An offensive manuever toward the basket by a player with the ball.

Word Bank

a. assist

b. back court

c. defense

d. double team

e. drive

f. fast break

g. foul

h. front court

i. guard

j. jump ball

k. offensive

l. rebound

m. technical foul

n. traveling

o. violation

thanks 4 your help!!


to mcmunchie1085: umm..lol.. i copied and pasted it, i get my HW from the school site and thanks 4 no help at all..

Update 2:

thanks for your help shana_khemsara and walkie83!! to jkn. yeah i should've put this in the basketball section..

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    1. g

    2. h

    3. j

    4. n

    5. k

    6. o

    7. L

    8. c

    9. a

    10. e

    These are all correct

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    sorry, i'm no basketball expert either, but i know that:

    4) What is this called: Moving the feet in any direction while holding the ball. -- is probably traveling.

    you might want to ask the 'basketball' section. they'll give you a lot more answers.

    here's the link to the section:


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    1 decade ago

    9-A 1-G 8-C 4-N 3-J hope that helps a lil o and 5-A lol

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    this website has every vocab word u listed just scroll down a little and u will get a chart with the word and def

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    In the time it took you to type all of that up you could have been finished.

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    wow! that sucks homework on Christmas break??!!!

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