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What is better? PC or Mac?

What do you like better? PC or Mac(Apple)?


i ThInK mAc Is dA BoMb!

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    Mac is better hands down. its way faster, and way more secure than a pc. no viruses!

  • Jim
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    This is like asking, does God exist? I think each kind of computer has its definite advantages. However, I have never purchased an Apple just because they charge twice or three times as much for the same hardware components. So I look at it this I want to spend two or three times as much money on a hard disk or memory or whatever, or spend 1/2 or 1/3rd that amount and get MORE computer for the same amount of money? Plus, I can always upgrade my components, since I build my own computers - which you cannot do with a Mac - you are stuck with their proprietary hardware and you are stuck with their proprietary upgrades. If you are a penny pincher like me who wants the biggest bang for the buck, you will BUILD YOUR OWN PC COMPUTER. That is the way to do it, as far as I am concerned.

    But if you just have to have designer clothing, and drive a Mercedes, then get a Mac.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Depends on what your doing what your willing to pay for.

    If your Cheap PC using Linux is superior

    If you'll pay a littler extra for an easy to use computer that's uber reliable looks awesome and has style in comparison to a PC Mac is by far superior

    If you'll pay a little extra for better gaming performance and build your own PC is superior.

    If your willing to pay insanely stupid amounts of money and have someone else build you a gaming PC is superior (only if your too stupid to know the difference.)

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    Which do "I" like better? Hardware wise, whichever ones runs the coolest (temperature) with the most power.

    MacBook Pro 15" (Late 2008) runs 10 degrees (C) hotter than an old Dell Inspiron E1705 (17").

    Software wise, OS X is not the be-all end-all operating system. It has just as many quirks as Windows. HOWEVER, so-called computer illiterate users will get more enjoyment from OS X than Windows XP.

    And since your question is asked on a personal level, this will quickly degrade into fanboy camps.

    Source(s): Personal Experience. 2 months MacBook Pro. 3 years Dell E1705 10 years of arguing with my Mac, now Ubuntu obsessed cousin.
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    I have answered this question many times and if your granddad knew about computers like I do he would tell you... a PC is the better choice, it will do more then a over priced, over rated, Mac

    one needs to know about computers to know that Macs are not what they are made out to be... ,once you buy a mac you are forced to deal with Mac for everything all at high prices for software, accessories, and repairs, Mac control everything you do, which is not a good thing for you

  • Anonymous
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    I think a Mac is for people who are 50+ and forget what the START button does and who don't want to play computer games. A PC is for gamers or people who are 50- or people who are 50+ and are still in shape.

  • Anonymous
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    MAC - if you are going to be using for graphics design or something like that.

    PC - I you want to play the latest better game that are out.

    If you have plenty of money, then get a high end MAC then you can run windows too.

    Source(s): Me. 13yrs of playin' with PC's
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    Mac rocks, it's way faster than Pc, I know we have both.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    macs = junk

    end of story

    Source(s): your mom
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