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Plain and simple how am I suposed to wax a black truck by hand and get no swirl marks?

I just bought a brand new $30,000 black truck and dont want to screw up the paint job. I am willing to wax it a good 8 times a year if need be to have it looking brand new when it has over 100,000 miles on it... If anyone has any input on the subject I would love to hear it . thx

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    plain and simple answer...get great grade wax. meguiars or 3m..they are costly like 12-18 dollars but the results are amazing...when you wax you want to make sure to do it while truck is cold and the sun is setting..the swirls only appear when the wax dries up and it stays in the cracks and make sure to get a good microfiber pad and do small sections at first in circular motions...and it will look really good. it will take 1-2 hours but like it said it will look great

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    Mothers has a three step wax system that works well. The first product is: Mothers Carnuba Cleaner wax. The second coat is: Mothers Sealer & Glaze The third and final coat is: Mothers Pure Carnuba Paste Wax.

    Use separate applicators for each type of wax product and separate terry cloth towels to remove the individual coats.

    It's hard to believe but the final coat of Pure Carnuba Wax will easily protect the paint for six months even sitting out in the elements. Water will bead like mad!

    I have three lighter colored cars that sit out doors year round and the water beads for a full year. I realize that black paint will use up the wax faster than on a lighter colored car. It's best to hit yours at a minimum of twice per year.

    Always use soft water and car wash soap with a big old sponge when it's car wash time.

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    A claybar treatment at least twice a year before waxing will strip off the old wax and environmental impurities while keeping your paint satiny-smooth. It's non-invasive and has NO potential of damaging your paint. Mother's product line has a good claybar kit for $20 or so.

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    when applying wax by hand you rub it in, in one direction in a circular motion, then you go back the other direction in a circular motion.

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